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Florence, 22 November 2020 – I’m 1929 the new cases of coronavirus on Sunday 22 November. He makes it known the region in the usual bulletin. Recording a new decline in hospitalizations: eleven less than on Saturday. There were 17,481 total swabs, while they were 7590 subjects tested excluding control swabs. Out of 7590 the positives were 25.4%. READ THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN POSITIVES AND SWABS DAY BY DAY

Giani had anticipated the data in the morning

“Since i data of Tuscany as a whole they are fast improving, today (yesterday, ed) we are less than 1,900 infections, it is already another phase compared to 2,700 and more “. Words of the president of the Tuscany Region Eugenio Giani that hopes in “10-15 days to be able to really bring, with the data that arrives, all the Tuscany in the orange zone “. Meanwhile yesterday for the first time in this second wave there were more healed (with double negative swab) than new cases: 2427 healed against 1892 new cases. HERE THE BULLETIN OF 21 NOVEMBER

Me too‘indice Rt, that describes the infectiousness rate of the Sars-CoV-2 coronavirus, in Tuscany it fell 1.8 to 1,3. A lowering that made Governor Eugenio Giani breathe a sigh of relief, who said he was “serene and optimistic”. The lowering of the RT is a fundamental datum for the evaluation of the risk bands.




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Cardinal Bassetti is swab negative

The cardinal Gualtiero Bassetti, archbishop of Perugia-Città della Pieve and President of the Italian Episcopal Conference, tested negative for the Covid-19 swab. His convalescence continues at the Agostino Gemelli University Polyclinic in Rome, where he has been hospitalized since Thursday 19 November. HERE THE ARTICLE

Giani anticipates the data for Sunday 22 November: + 1.929

“The new positive cases registered in the last 24 hours in Tuscany are 1,929 out of 17,481 molecular swabs and 2,246 rapid tests carried out. We continue to be responsible for reducing infections and returning to Tuscany soon!”. The governor of Tuscany Eugenio Giani writes on Facebook.

Florence, Monsignor Paolo Ristori died

IS Monsignor Paolo Ristori died today in Florence, for many years proposed of the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. He was 89 years old and had health problems but died after a few days of hospitalization in the I Fraticini health facility adapted in this phase to a Covid center.

Arezzo, found a health hotel: it has 21 rooms

The agreement already signed, the rooms are operational: an answer for those who are not serious and want to avoid infecting family members. HERE THE ARTICLE

In Siena the healings exceed the new cases: 65 to 58

The percentage of positivity on the more than one thousand swabs carried out is 5.5%. Since Sunday 15 the infections have been in sharp and constant decline. HERE THE ARTICLE

Pulse oximeter, what it is for and how many know it

It measures the level of oxygenation in the blood and also the heart rate. Here’s how it works. HERE THE ARTICLE

Covid, doctor-volunteer: “Ready to vaccinate with my children”

Umbrian doctor working in AstraZeneca-University Oxford study HERE THE ARTICLE

Rehabilitation with physiotherapists is also at the home of Covid patients

The Uscar-Special Rehabilitation Care Continuity Units arrive. The first activated in the Florence area. Progressive extension in the Ausl Toscana Centro areas HERE THE ARTICLE

Activate the telephone line dedicated to the elderly again

Councilor Funaro: “They are not alone. We are by their side” HERE THE ARTICLE

Giani: “Rt index lowered, it fell to 1.3 in Tuscany”

“I am much more serene. A clear lowering that places us in a scenario that is always high but which is no longer in the fourth bracket”. HERE THE ARTICLE

More than 95 percent tracking in Tuscany

There are 455 mappers in all: of these 238 work in the Florence Central; 85 in Carrara, and 132 in Arezzo. HERE THE ARTICLE

Arthritis medication can reduce mortality in the elderly

An anti-inflammatory drug approved for the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, baricitinib, may be effective in reducing mortality and the risk of intubation in elderly patients with severe SARS-Cov2 pneumonia. This is the result of an international study, which saw the clinical group of the University of Pisa operating in the Pisan university hospital collaborating to this important result together with prestigious institutions such as Imperial College of London, Karolinska Institut of Stockholm, University of Oxford, Cambridge, Toronto, Vancouver, Albacete. The article was published in Science Advances, a journal with an impact factor of 13.1. HERE THE ARTICLE


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