Julia Roberts Reveals the Recipe for Surviving the End of the World


Staying with family, eating cheeseburgers and sleeping pills is the best way to face the end of the world with a cool head, according to the recipe that star Julia Roberts confided to Agence France-Presse days before Netflix showed a movie starring her, dealing with this disastrous hypothesis.

Leave The World After US, which will be available on the platform on December 8, combines dystopia or “corrupt city cinema” in the style of “Black Mirror,” and the dark atmosphere of anxiety in “Get Out,” to highlight the negative consequences of technology addiction and racism. And selfishness.

In this film, which was co-produced by former President Barack Obama and directed by Sam Esmail, the heroine of “Pretty Woman,” “Erin Brockovich” and “Notting Hill” plays a selfish and misanthropic mother who intends to relax in a luxury villa over the weekend. Under the watchful eye of her children, her husband (Ethan Hawke), and an annoying guest (Mahershala Ali), she is forced to confront the collapse of the modern world.

Cheeseburgers, hugs and kisses

Regarding her last day on Earth, Julia said, “If I had 24 hours, I would have isolated myself with my family, with piles of cheeseburgers and chocolate chip cookies, but we would have exchanged lots of hugs and kisses, and perhaps we would have taken sleeping pills. But no! That will not happen!” “.

Julia said that the most disturbing element of the scenario for her was the natural disasters; Because it’s more realistic. “Because Mother Nature doesn’t care what everyone thinks.”

Regarding her famous saying in the movie, “Fuck, I hate people!” Julia confirmed, “Focusing on this aspect was very interesting because I actually love people, and I think I am very outgoing and friendly, so I love that first sentence that begins my role.”

“Now I have socks that say, ‘Fuck, I hate people,'” she added. “And I love the idea of ​​playing someone who has this way of thinking and what it really means. How would one act in the human world if they had this feeling?”

Regarding the film’s message, Roberts said, “I think that we are all on the same boat. I feel as if each of us represents a thousand and one versions of one beautiful thing, which is humanity. There is also a message about the importance of the kitchen.”

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