«Diversity, musical and cultural, is what guides my art»

Why a new ‘Bam Bam’ if Sister Nancy already did it thirty years ago?

It has been like shaping a tribute. Sister Nancy inspired me, by the music and by the message of the song. The idea is similar, but the version and perspective are different. I have given it a modern touch.

The lyrics of the song and its video clip speak of female empowerment.

I consider myself a feminist, I want to improve the situation of women in art, which is my world. I think we must change the role of women in the music industry, which is where I now focus my work.

In the video clip, before the song’s music plays, there are some phrases that are from his mother.

Indeed, she has made a kind of introduction to the video. And it is that when we were working with the producer, he commented that some Jamaican phrases would not be bad as an introduction. And I thought: what better way than to tell my mother, the best Jamaican I know. She was willing and there the result. My mother always supports me in everything I do.

He lives in Germany, but he lived in Mallorca since he was seven. What about the island in his music?

There is a lot, because I think there is a certain connection between Jamaica and Mallorca: the love for art, the way people are, the way they have fun. The island people have a special energy. And Mallorca has given me a lot, here I have developed as an artist and it was here that I worked my voice for the first time. Mallorca has been my home.

What artists inspire you?

Many, because my mother made me appreciate musicians from the 30s, 40s and 80s. I really like Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson and the current ones, Bruno Mars.

When and how did you decide to dedicate yourself to music?

When I was six years old, I thought I would be an artist. Since I was little I have really liked music and art in general. With my mother I saw a movie about the life of Tina Turner and then I said to her: “Mom, I want to be like her,” and she replied: “Well, go ahead, let’s find you some classes.” And so I started.

You actually acted for Tina Turner. What did you feel on that occasion?

Without a doubt the best experience of my life. I was participating in a private event and by surprise she appeared. It was very exciting, I ended up crying. She encouraged me to continue my career and commented that she liked my voice.

In articles about you, you are defined as an eclectic artist.

I completely agree. I love to merge, mix styles, sounds, airs, intertwine cultures. Diversity, musical and cultural, is my goal and what guides my art.

Of Jamaican and American descent, trained musically in Mallorca. Can we speak of a multicultural artist?

Yes. And that mixture of cultures has been essential in my musical evolution. Also the fact of living and knowing other countries has helped in my formation. I like to say that I am a resident of the world, that I do not belong to any country. And so I want to continue.

He is fluent in English and Spanish. And Catalan?

I understand it little, because in my family we spoke English and some German. In school, the International College, I did not learn Catalan.



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