Joey Barton’s Sexist Comments and Reactions: A Controversial Outburst

LONDON – He owed nothing to his reputation. During today’s day, the comments of former controversial footballer Joey Barton (41) were addressed in the British Isles. He wrote that women should not comment on men’s sports, and he reacted equally harshly to female soccer presenters and commentators. However, they did not leave his words alone and sent him a clear answer.

The former football player of Manchester City, Olympique Marseille and Queens Park Rangers started his coaching career after the end of his playing career. However, he is currently out of work as he was sacked by Bristol Rovers in October due to his team’s poor results.

But yesterday he drew attention to himself in a very bad way. He published several sexist comments on social networks, which outraged many fans. “Any man who listens to female commentators should get his head examined,” wrote Barton.

In the next post, he chose equally harsh words. Women should not talk about men’s sports. Let’s be serious. It’s a completely different game. If you don’t accept it, we will always see things differently. Women’s football is thriving, which is great to see. But I can’t take seriously a single thing they say about men’s football.” said the coach.

These comments immediately unleashed a wave of reactions and were condemned not only by fans but also by several former footballers and commentators. “To end your coaching career in this way is remarkable. It was backward and sexist,” said Sky Sports presenter Dougie Critchley.

Several presenters also commented on the situation. One of them is Laura Woods, who works for TNT Sports and focuses mainly on the Champions League. “I always got along well with Joey. When I started working for TNT Sports, he sent me a beautiful message. Joey is entitled to his opinion. If his feelings are that strong, he could have talked to the broadcasters about it. But these comments will only empower women to keep doing their jobs.” she wrote on her social networks.

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