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Employee Treatment Controversy at Public Broadcaster: Op1 Talk Show

The letter states that the employees feel ‘offended’ and ‘furious’ about this state of affairs. ‘For the umpteenth time’ there has been poor communication with them.

‘Dealing with employees’

“A public broadcaster that speaks big words about dealing with employees and claims to have safety in the workplace as an important focus, this treatment of staff does not fit,” the employees write.

This week the AD reported that the talk show will cease to exist. The angry letter is also in the hands of the newspaper. Broadcaster MAX boss Jan Slagter says that the letter does indeed exist and that it is intended for Frederieke Leeflang.

In last night’s Op1 broadcast, presenters Fidan Ekiz and Sven Kockelmann also said that they were not happy with the turn of events. For example, Ekiz indicated that she finds the NPO’s approach ‘unprofessional’.

‘Political decision’

“I think it is careless and I actually find it very worrying, because we also understand that this was partly a political decision,” Ekiz said. “And I have questions about that.”

The NPO said yesterday that it regrets the way the news came out. The broadcaster also said that it mainly wanted to look ahead.

Jinek takes over

Op1 will disappear after the summer. Eva Jinek, who switched from RTL, will then make a program from Monday to Thursday from September next year that will be shown on NPO 1 at 7 p.m.

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