Jessica Selassiè against Maria Monsè / “Two huge balls, it’s boring, for 48 hours …”

Jessica Selassiè does not tolerate the attitude of Maria Monsè. After arguing with Sophie Codegoni and Lulù Selassiè, Maria Monsè is continuing to talk about the quarrels with the two girls with the women of the house. After lunch, Maria Monsè spoke on the veranda with Manila Nazzaro, Katia Ricciarelli, Francesca Cipriani, Soleil Sorge and Carmen Russo, about the hostile attitude that Sophie and Lulù would have towards her.

Monsè said she had discussed again with Sophie because of some perfumers in the orange bedroom where they sleep and which would annoy Monsè. According to what Maria told the other women in the house, Sophie would have thrown herself at her and told her to shut up. “You make your own path “, Katia told her that, together with Manila and Francesca Cipriani, she believes that the attitude of the girls is not right towards Manila.

Jessica Selassi is against Maria Monsè’s attitude to Big Brother Vip 2021

After hearing the constant complaints of Maria Monsè, on the veranda with Gianmaria Antinolfi, Jessica Selassiè he brought out his bad mood by letting himself go to a vent. “Two huge balls. Who is at home will be changing direction because they have been talking about the same thing for more than 48 hours. It’s boring “Jessica said.

During the new episode of Big Brother vip 2021 broadcast on Friday 3 December, surely, among the topics that Alfonso Signorini will address there will be the discussions of Maria Monsè and her rivalry with Sophie Codegoni and Lulù Selassiè. Who will the rest of the house side with? Click here to watch the video.


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