Trump calls for a new recount in Georgia

According to the original results, Biden led over Trump in Georgia by about 14,000 votes, ie by less than half a percentage point, so the local authorities ordered an audit, which involves a manual recalculation of the votes cast. After the review, Biden’s lead dropped to about 12,670 votes, but nothing changed on the winner. On Friday, Georgia’s Secretary of State, Republican Brad Raffensperger, confirmed that Biden had won 0.25 percentage points in Georgia over Trump.

After completing the manual recalculation of ballots, however, the loser’s campaign had the opportunity to request another recalculation, which is already machine. To submit this request, Trump had until Tuesday 17:00 local time (23:00 CET). On Saturday, his team sent a letter to the secretary of state requesting a new recalculation.

“We want to ensure that every vote counts and that all the laws of the state of Georgia and the US Constitution are respected. “President Trump and his campaign continue to insist on an honest recalculation of votes in Georgia, which must include a comparison of signatures and other guarantees,” said Trump’s team.

Secretary of State Raffensperger told his deputy on Saturday night to officially alert the constituencies to prepare for a new recalculation. “This process will be closely monitored. You must therefore emphasize to each district how important the transparency and accuracy of this process is, ”Raffensperger told his adviser.

According to calculations by the American and other media, Trump won 232 votes in the corps of voters in the November presidential election, while Biden 306. is scheduled for December 14.

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