Jean-Michel Jarre: “Charlotte Rampling remains the pivot of my existence”

Jean-Michel Jarre has been married three times, but one of his unions lasted longer than the others. The one with Charlotte Rampling. The 71-year-old musician and the 73-year-old actress were married for twenty-five years (1978-2003), but their separation came much earlier, in 1997. Their love was born a boy, David (42 years) but they also raised together Barnaby Southcombe (47), the eldest filmmaker son of Charlotte and Émilie Jarre (43), the eldest daughter, graphic designer, of Jean-Michel. The latter was born from her father’s brief marriage to Flore Guillard in the 1970s.

Although his marriage to Charlotte Rampling has been written in the past for a long time, Jean-Michel Jarre has remained very close to the Briton. He and Charlotte are still a family. An eternal complicity that he evokes in a long interview with Michel Drucker in the October 17, 2019 issue of Paris Match. This very personal interview follows the publication of the autobiography of the king of synths by Robert Laffont editions, Melancholic Rodeo.

Invited to confide in the women of his life, including Charlotte Rampling, Jean-Michel Jarre said about her: “Charlotte remains the linchpin of my existence, the mother of my children, and my best friend. She is also, of course, a very great actress, just like Gong Li.“Filled with the Chinese actress of 53 years, Jean-Michel Jarre can not help but mix her with his confidence. The musician is also on the cover of Paris Match with his partner, a photoshoot in Venice. “Perhaps this link with actresses, for a musician, is due to our rather similar lifestyles“, he adds.

In a previous interview with the Journal du dimanche, last October 6, Jean-Michel Jarre had mentioned the depression into which he had fallen after his break with Charlotte Rampling. “For ten years, I experienced a period of depression, everything was falling apart. I was becoming what I especially didn’t want to be: my father. I linked relationships without assuming them “, he had testified. Until a sublime Chinese woman enters his life, he decides to settle down for good with her and Gong Li becomes the woman of the rest of his life.

The full interview with Jean-Michel Jarre can be found in the October 17, 2019 edition of Paris Match.

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