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KOMPAS.com – Rider Ducati, Jack Miller, can’t stop thinking about heart rate Maverick Vinales which remains slow throughout the race MotoGP Styria 2020.

Since 2019, MotoGP has started using technology to measure the rider’s heart rate while driving on the track.

Surprisingly, Maverick Vinales’ heart rate was always monitored to be lower than other riders.

In a relaxed state, the Spaniard’s heart rate was only around 40 bpm (beats per minute).

The more surprising fact is that Vinales’ heart rate was only 110-125 bpm despite being under mental and physical stress while driving the M1 motorbike at high speed.

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The heart rate data was obtained when Maverick Vinales was driving at the Red Bull Ring Circuit in the race MotoGP Styria 2020, 23 August.

In fact, at the Styria MotoGP race yesterday, Maverick Vinales had a problem with his motorcycle brakes.

Racer Yamaha it even had to jump off the motorbike before the vehicle he rode on hit the parapet and caught fire.

Compared to turning around with Vinales who seemed “calm”, Jack Miller’s heart was recorded to be pounding more in the Styria MotoGP race.

This is known because Vinales’ heart rate was compared directly to that of Jack Miller in the Styria MotoGP race which was shown on television.

Through the show of the Styria MotoGP race, the heart rate figures of the two racers were recorded in sharp contrast.

Unlike Vinales, Jack Miller’s heart rate reached 162 bpm while driving on the Red Bull Ring Circuit.

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Jack Miller was surprised to learn that his heart rate was much faster than Vinales’.

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“I don’t know if Vinales was, a snake or something, or if his heart didn’t work!” said Jack Miller jokingly after the Styria MotoGP race, as reported Crash.net, Wednesday (2/9/2020).

“I just saw them compare and I got 160, while Vinales was 120.”

“I’m sure my heart rate was not the highest when I rode on that lap,” Miller said again.

Jack Miller also said that his heart rate when driving on MotoGP Styria 2020 still relatively normal.

“I’ve never reached a heart rate of 200 bpm. I think in most of the tests I took, especially three years ago, the number was 199,” said Jack Miller.

“When I was training on a bicycle, my heart rate was around 175-180 bpm. I think my best heart rate when riding a bicycle is 188.”

The Australian racer actually felt that it was Maverick Vinales who was abnormal because his heartbeat was too weak even though he was racing.

“Like I said, it’s not like I’m blowing my ass or anything like that,” said Jack Miller.

“It’s only because Vinales is a kind of snake! He doesn’t work the same way as me. He gets a bigger hit, but lower rpm,” added Jack Miller.

MotoGP did not show Maverick Vinales’ heart rate when the brakes on the Yamaha rider exploded at the 2020 Styria MotoGP race.

However, Maverick Vinales still looks calm despite having to jump from a motorbike that is traveling at 230 km per hour.

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