J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024: FC 1st Entry Information and Application Details

FC 1st entry starts from 18:00 on Friday, December 16th!
Information on how to apply

We will finally start accepting applications for FC first reservations from 18:00 today.
We have posted details and notes on how to apply for tickets.

▼ JAEFANS FC 1st reception period (entry) ▼
12/6 (water) 18:00 ~ 12/10 (Sunday) 23:50
*It is not a first-come, first-served basis, so please take your time to apply within the period. A lottery will be held after the application period ends.

For JAEFANS FC members, after logging in,
Please check the details before applying.

▼Click here for the application page▼
“J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024” FC 1st entry is here! & Application method/information on precautions *Login required

Those who can apply for this FC first advance are as follows.
Those who have regular membership status of JAEFANS

If you have not yet joined the fan club JAEFANS ↓↓↓
※todayBy Wednesday, December 6thIf you have completed the procedure (postal transfer/Lawson) by then, you can enter from the 1st FC.

*After completing the procedure, regular member registration will be completed sequentially by the end of the first entry period (10th).
*After completing JAEFANS membership registration, it will take one business day for the registration to be reflected in the Lawson ticket system.
*Those who made a deposit after December 4th will be able to enter from December 7th.
*If you have applied for new FC membership after December 7th, you can apply from the second FC advance.

If you have not yet joined the fan club, please take this opportunity to do so!
*Click here to join JAEFANS FANCLUB ⇒ https://jaefans.com/guidance
* Click here for the Law Ticket membership site ⇒https://bit.ly/2rcd2yd

We look forward to receiving your applications!
We look forward to seeing you at the venue.

▼J-JUN FRIDAY PARTY 2024 Click here for event summary! ▼

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