The most listened to bands on Spotify, how popular are they?

Digital platforms are a great measure of popularity for all artists, in addition to the fact that every time we listen to their songs or watch their videos, this also represents profits for them; The most listened to artists tend to attract the most attention, which K-Pop bands have the most listeners on Spotify? The […]

Kim Jong-Un Regime Media Reminds North Korean Youth Not to Use South Korean Slang

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un speaks during the ruling party congress in Pyongyang, North Korea Thursday, January 7, 2021. Kim has reviewed relations with rival South Korea and underlined the need to drastically improve his relations with the outside world. (Source: KCNA via AP) PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.TV – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un banned the […]

Kim Jong-Un Advises North Korean Women, Including How to Take Care of Children

North Korea’s Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un meets with the girl group Red Velvet and the South Korean delegation on April 2, 2018. Recently, the North Korean government website criticized the K-Pop industry and offended BTS and Blackpink. (Source: Twitter/@yerimirenee) PYONGYANG, KOMPAS.TV – North Korean leader Kim Jong-un provided guidance and advice to North Korean […]

What is the world’s largest fandom within K-Pop?

For a few years, K-Pop has taken a very different meaning and its popularity has grown a lot and the taste for bands of these genres increased in an unimaginable way, this has made the fandoms of different groups of the South Korean genre have grown from monumental way. The K-Pop differs greatly from western […]

Kim Jong Un Threatens K-Pop Fans in His Country with Imprisonment to Death Execution.

This undated photo released by North Korea’s KCNA news agency on May 24, 2020 shows Kim Jong Un attending a meeting of the Workers’ Party’s Central Military Commission, discussing new policies to increase nuclear war prevention. (Source: AFP/KCNA VIA KNS/STR ) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV -North Korean leader Kim Jong-un considers K-Pop culture a threat to the […]

Kim Jong-Un Calls K-Pop a ‘malignant cancer’ that destroys the younger generation

Jakarta – Leader North Korea (Jewelry) Kim Jong Un accused K-pop of destroying the young generation in his country. Calling it a “malignant cancer”, Kim imposes tougher penalties on citizens who consume South Korean films, Korean dramas and videos. K-pop. As reported by Channel News Asia, Saturday (12/6/2021), The New York Times media detailed a […]

Kim Jong-un calls K-pop a merciless malignant tumor – UNIAN

North Korea’s state media warn that if K-pop is not stopped, North Korea will “collapse like a damp wall.” The DPRK leader is concerned about the clothes, hairstyles, speech and behavior of young North Koreans who succumb to the influence of K-pop / photo REUTERS North Korean leader Kim Jong-un called musical genre of South […]

Anti-Asian racism: Covid-19 exacerbates violence in France and around the world

France 18:11 30.03.2021Short url Since the emergence of the Covid-19 epidemic, attacks against Asians have increased. Between online insults, physical threats or derogatory remarks, they no longer feel safe. A global phenomenon that affects France. Analysis. A phenomenon that is growing. Since the start of the Covid-19 epidemic, Asian nationals have been the target of […]

MONSTA X’s Hyungwon opens personal Instagram account

Hyungwon is now on Instagram! On March 15, it was announced that member MONSTA X had launched their own personal account. Hyungwon made his Instagram debut with impressive photos of himself, shared with the caption “Camera Photos”. ?210315 # Monsta X # HyungwonPersonal Instagram open? #MONSTAX #MONSTA_X #HYUNGWON ?? coleffl?? -MONSTA X _MONSTA X […]