Itzo Hazarta on the disintegration of power: Whatever you are told, know that it is about money

Every day I wonder what some people in parliament are doing. I answer that they are pursuing their goals. Either you are here to help society, or you are here to help yourself. I have great respect for the National Assembly as an institution and I do not want to tell the truth at this time. Ah, everyone knows her. This was said by the MP from “We continue the change” Hristo Petrov in an interview with NOVA

On the topic of the collapse of the coalition, Petrov commented that it was a question of money.

“What happened was not unexpected. We have had indications for a long time. There were people who warned us from the beginning that the very participation of these people in the coalition was intended to happen. This is not surprising. The answers are” Captain Andreevo ”, the natural gas, the piggy banks, which“ serve ”some people, and the money should have entered the country, Petrov commented.

Everything was known in advance. We tried to pass the Anti-Corruption and Other Things Act and they were sabotaged.

From all that I have seen in this little more than half a year, I am firmly convinced that I have made the right decision and believed in the right people. I wouldn’t stand here for a second if I realized that wasn’t the case.

When asked what he would say to the people who claim that Asen Vassilev and Kiril Petkov are lying, Petrov answered:

I have nothing to say. The expression “The thief shouts – hold the thief” is especially valid.

“It can always be better for the government to deal with the crisis. I chose an interesting moment to get involved in politics. Only a volcano that has not erupted. And I want it to be better. With 67 out of 240 in the National Assembly, who wants to come and try, “the MP said.

“The main thing I do is to help educate children in homes. I travel around the country and meet them. Most of us think that these children have material dreams, but this is not the case. In one of the homes there was a program to fulfill a wish of the children. They wanted to see me and I went to Christmas Eve. It was the best Christmas Eve of my life. I motivate them to study and do what they like. They have potential “Only someone has to find it. What I do is give what I have,” Petrov said.

On the topic of the selfie with the obscene gesture, Gambling commented:

– This is not an example. I said it from the rostrum and wrote it later. As I said, parliament is a place we must respect. In this case, I did not show it. Why? Because you can’t call a deputy prime minister for a hearing and not listen to him. To grunt, to knock on the table, to shout.

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