It is feared that a pandemic could increase the risk of stunting

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Whether you want it or not, pandemic also has implications for the problem child health. Access child health services and intake nutrition so annoyed.

A survey conducted by Save the Children (SC) in Indonesia found that 52 percent of children had difficulty getting food, so that the variety of food was reduced. As many as 75 percent of parents experienced a decline in mental health plus 86 percent had difficulty accessing health services.

Senior Program Manager for Health SC Indonesia, Wahdini Hakim expressed his concern about the increased risk stunting and anemia in Indonesia due to this.

Dini saw both of them, fine stunting and anemia, it gets worse. Difficult access to nutrition during a pandemic can increase this risk.

“Maybe this [stunting] will get worse in 2020 due to the pandemic. We are monitoring this, many posyandu are not functioning properly. There are many challenges to ensure growth and development is appropriate, “he said.

But, not only stunting, anemia is also one important thing that deserves attention. Anemia, said Dini, contributed to stunting cases.

Women, especially pregnant women and women in the reproductive period, are prone to anemia. Dini said anemia stems from poor diet, consumption of blood booster supplements, and guarantees of the nutritional situation.

“In our society, the consumption of rice is high, while the consumption of animal protein is less. But fortunately, mothers have the purchasing power to buy foodstuffs. But the mother’s perspective is not healthy food, and this can have an impact on family health,” he explained.

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