Prospective Mothers with Anemia Have Great Potential to Give Birth to Stunting Babies

Ida added that in preventing stunting, in addition to paying attention to vitamin D intake, laboratory examinations also needed to be carried out to detect nutritional deficiencies from the time of pregnant women. “Such as routine hematology, anemia screening, signs of infection, confirmation of anemia, ferritin levels, iron levels, TIBC and Vitamin D examinations,” he […]

Stunting Lowers Children’s IQ Intelligence Up to 20 Points, This is Expert Advice–Children of a dwarf body or stunting It’s not just a problem with growth. However, it can affect the development of thinking or cognitive power. Research proves children’s IQ intelligence stunting may decline in the future. Head of the Anthropometry Working Group of the Ministry of Health and Pediatrician Consultant for Nutrition & Metabolic Disease […]

Need In -Depth Examination before Convicting Stunting Child

loading… JAKARTA – Stunting children have serious problems that will make it difficult for them to grow and develop. That’s why, problem stunting become one of the main concerns of the government because it is closely related to the country’s goals, namely creating superior human resources for a better future for the nation. Stunting is […]

Congenital Heart Disease Can Be Treated Without Surgery Congenital Heart Disease (CHD) is a heart disease that has been present since birth due to imperfect heart formation in the early stages of fetal development in the womb. Along with the development of technology, for the management of this disease can be overcome with non-surgical measures. In an online webinar by Heartology Cardiovascular […]

Children Need To Be Involved in Stunting Prevention Efforts

Do not let the child do the wrong diet method. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Head of the Sub-directorate for Managing Nutrition Problems at the Ministry of Health’s Public Nutrition Directorate, Inti Mudjiati, said stunting requires multi-sector handling. Children also need to be involved in prevention efforts stunting and education on meeting nutritional needs. “Nutrition education is […]

Maintain the Immune System during the Covid-19 Pandemic with a Low Salt Diet

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Nutrition expert, Doctor Johanes Chandrawinata, said that alleviating nutritional problems, especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, is becoming increasingly crucial. This Covid-19 pandemic requires us to guard immune optimal body. At the same time, we also have to maintain and improve our health in order to avoid various diseases. “The immune system is […]

It is feared that a pandemic could increase the risk of stunting

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Whether you want it or not, pandemic also has implications for the problem child health. Access child health services and intake nutrition so annoyed. A survey conducted by Save the Children (SC) in Indonesia found that 52 percent of children had difficulty getting food, so that the variety of food was […]