“Is Malaga a Rude City? Ranking Among Top 10 Rudest Cities in Spain”

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Is Malaga a rude city?Alex Zea

until the Costa del Sol Millions of tourists arrive every year. It is already well known that Malaga is one of the favorite tourist destinations of people coming from all over the world. Its marenga gastronomy, places and its culture are some of the attraction magnets.

If something stands out, they are also its people. The way to show emotions, expressiveness of the people of Malaga, its closeness and sometimes high tones of voice it is something that travelers notice when they arrive in the city. A way of being that sometimes clashes with the behavior of certain European countries, and that in the eyes of some turns out to be not very formal.

Thus Preply, The language teaching platform has carried out a study in which they have asked “the opinion of its residents about the level of education shown by their fellow citizens in the 12 areas most likely to show a lack of courtesy towards others”. For this report they have interviewed to more than 1,500 residents of 19 areas of Spain.

A ranking of rude cities in which Malaga is among the top ten. In fact, the province is ranked eighth, with a score of 5.61 out of 10.

Why are we Malagasy rude?

Los requirements that do not meet the city to be educated is that the people of Malaga spend all the time glued to the phone, they are loud in public or watch videos in public. In addition to speak on the loudspeaker in public, not respecting personal space o skip the line

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Despite Málaga is among the rudest, the ranking places it as one of the most generous since the people of Malaga are willing to tip. In fact this is the seventh most generous in the countrys. While Valladolid is positioned as the most generous city of all

He list of the rudest cities of the country heads it Santa Cruz of Tenerife, It is followed by Granada, Alicante, San Sebastián, Bilbao, Palma, Barcelona, ​​Málaga, Valladolid, Madrid.

Among all the cities, and 21.25% they thought that the nonresidents They were ruder than the residents, a 26,04 % indicated that the locals they were ruder in his opinion, a 40,97 % indicated similarity in the degree of rude on both sides and 11.74% indicated they did not know what to say.

the most educated

According to the study, the most educated Spaniards are from Vigo. The Pontevedra city of Vigo stands as the most educated city with a score of 5.17.

Followed by A Coruña-Oleiros-Arteixo, Valencia, followed by Murcia-Orihuela; Oviedo-Gijón-Áviles; Las Palmas; Zaragoza: Seville; Cadiz and Madrid.

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