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Better Renault Arkana can only be Arkana with all-wheel drive, CVT and high-torque German-French turbo engine. We were convinced of this in the course of a thorough test of the new player of the Russian Renault line on the roads of Moscow and Moscow region.

The phenomenon of the Renault Arkana cross-coupe is that this model opens a loophole for the French company to a higher class, which the French define as “Real Renault” – real Renault. And they mean, as you know, that this car is not derived from Dacia models, primarily Dacia Logan and Sandero.

Here, of course, the French automaker is a little disingenuous. After all, Arkana is the closest relative of Duster and Kaptur, and they are known to share the platform with the aforementioned Logan and Sandero. Be that as it may, Arkana is largely an innovative product, and its positioning as a more comfortable and prestigious machine is generally true. In order to once again be convinced of this, we took the top-end performance of the coupe-shaped “five-door” for testing and tested it on the roads of Moscow and Moscow region.

Meet by clothes

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

Appearance Arkana does not say that he beats on the spot, but, anyway, it catches. So I want to say – is this really Renault? Let’s say thanks to the Dutchman Laurence van den Aker, the French brand chief designer who first created the Arkana concept and, just as importantly, managed to transfer extravagant solutions to the production model.

In the exterior, the following points are important for buyers. The first one is unusual LED optics with diode “mustache” looks unbanal and expensive, however, if you replace such lighting equipment, it will cost “a pretty penny.”

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

The second feature is a fashionable coupe-like roof. She is also very beautiful, but alas, does not provide a margin of space over the heads of the rear passengers. Plus, it makes it difficult to see back due to the drop-down rear body pillars. But the ground clearance of 205 mm, because of which the “Frenchman” looks powerful and monumental, is a definite plus. Looking ahead, we say that not even the smallest front overhang does not prevent Arkana from moving over rough terrain without any problems.

The rest is nuances, mostly pleasant. For example, an impressive hood is equipped with two gas stops, which, you see, is very convenient. It is also pleasant that the opportunity to completely raise the wiper arms has remained – you will appreciate this when you clean the snow from the lobovuha. It is equally important that the doors here completely close the thresholds, plus – there are two gaskets – at the opening and at the threshold, read – Arkana is not dirty at all, like the same Duster and Kaptur, and you will keep your clothes clean when leaving and landing.

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

We go further – large mirrors (much more informative than on Duster and Kaptur) fold fully, clinging to the glass. The door handles of expensive trim levels (and the test car is no exception) are equipped with neat keyless access keys, you can open and close the front doors without removing the company key card from your pocket. It also allows you to start the engine remotely, as, however, on the same Kaptur.

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

The fifth door, although it does not have an electric drive, leads to the luggage compartment of an impressive volume. And by the way, you need to take into account that the front-wheel drive racks are larger than the 4×4 versions by 99 liters – 508 liters against 409. Moreover, if the “monoprivod” has a “non-driver” torsion beam in the design of the rear axle, then the rear-wheel drive Arkana mnogoryichazhka “, which makes driving more hazardous – for active drivers for a note! In both cases, under the raised floor you will find a 17-inch “spare tire”, and in the niche of the left side wall of the trunk – a tool.

Conditionally new

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

The interior of Arkana makes a good impression until you find that the finish plastics are totally rigid. The effect of novelty is imaginary. In fact, the same design was previously used on the new generation Duster, which for some reason cannot reach Russia, but has been sold in Western Europe for several years.

Be that as it may, in the design, the designers were guided by the ideas of minimalism. In the center of the front panel there is an 8-inch – a touch screen mounted on a not too beautiful plastic blotch, and in the initial configurations, by the way, the screen diagonal is smaller and it is not touch. The “tidy” here is analog, digital displays of speed are displayed between the tachometer and speedometer, but they are not as large as, say, on the Kaptur instrument panel – and this is a step backward in terms of general ergonomics.

But here’s where Arkana puts both of the aforementioned crossovers on the B0 platform on the shoulder blades, so that’s in terms of landing ergonomics. The thing is the ability to adjust the steering wheel in two planes at once – on the reach and tilt. The Duster and Kaptur only offer tilt calibration, and the Arkana seats are more comfortable than the sister compact SUVs.

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

There is even a mechanical adjustment of the lumbar support, but here electric seats, unfortunately, is not provided. Convenient and central armrest with boxing.

On the second row we find a comfortable sofa with a folding armrest and optionally heated. However, there is little space in the knees, certainly not more than one of the competitors – Hyundai Creta with a smaller overall length. And we have already said about the deficit of space above the head.

It is especially nice that the steering wheel with the new EUR has become easy to turn even in parking mode! We forget about the excessively tight steering wheels of Duster and Kaptur, like a nightmare. Such settings are a real gift primarily for fragile women, they will be able to control the wheel with just one finger.

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

Another important bonus is an advanced multimedia system. Easy Link Media Center is a modern one similar to that used on the Clio model, supporting Apple CarPlay, Android Auto and Yandex.Avto systems. Resolution and speed are not record-breaking, but not bad.

There is a four-angle all-round viewing system and a dead-zone monitoring system, while the top versions boast Bose audio system with eight speakers and a subwoofer in the trunk. Finally, the senior car is well prepared for the Russian winters – on board there are heated seats in both rows, steering wheel, windshield and washer nozzles.

With German help

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

The most affordable Arkana in our market is a front-wheel drive car with a gasoline 1.6-liter 114-horsepower aspirated, 6-speed manual and front-wheel drive. For this today they ask from 1 015 000 rubles. However, we have a test – a generously equipped top-end variant with a 1.3-liter 150-horsepower gas turbine engine jointly produced by Renault and Mercedes-Benz, a continuously variable variator and an all-wheel drive connected.

According to the passport with the “top” power unit, the full-fledged “Frenchman” accelerates to 100 km / h in 10.5 seconds, with a “maximum speed” of 191 km / h. In Drive mode, it seems that the set of speed is a little slower due to the emphasis on the even, linear, nature of acceleration. But it’s good that with the transfer of the settings to the “sports” mode, the ride becomes predictably more reckless.

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

The variable-speed transmission, in turn, pleases with adequate reactions, does not howl like a beast when you press the “gas” sharply, plus you can change the virtual gears manually in the “box” mode, and in winter on icy descents this algorithm can be used by switching “down” and engine braking.

But the main compliment will make the suspension. In a nutshell: she is beautiful. On the one hand, it is ergonomic, it does not allow breakdowns of shock absorbers and does not allow the “Frenchman” to heel noticeably in corners and to nod the body during sharp braking. At the same time, like other Renault models on the B0 platform, Arkana is characterized by high smoothness. This car masterfully fulfills road bumps, on the “intersection” and broken asphalt, the steering wheel doesn’t get bumps and vibrations, unlike the same Duster and Kaptur, and Arkana doesn’t jump off the trajectory while cornering and is better than the aforementioned SUV soundproofed.

Photo: Yuri Zubko / WG

The main tools for overcoming off-road are excellent geometric cross-country ability and plug-in four-wheel drive.

It is important that the interaxle clutch can be forcibly locked (the lock is valid up to 80 km / h), and the Bosch stabilization system can simulate the lock of the front axle differential. Including therefore Arkana successfully copes with diagonal hanging. Yes, and a high-torque turbo engine gives advantages on soil rises and movement on loose soils.

Summing up, we note that the all-wheel drive 150-horsepower modification with a variator is an excellent option for those who love active driving and at the same time practice country trips. It remains only to find 1,439,990 rubles, which they ask for the initial Style package of such a car.

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