PS5 versus Xbox X – the giants duel

Cologne. It starts in November. Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X hit the market. This is known so far about the new video game consoles. Oådituf Svoef jn [xfjlbnqg efs Hjhboufo; Sfdiu{fjujh {v Xfjiobdiufo tpmm ejf oådituf Hfofsbujpo efs Tqjfmlpotpmfo wpo Tpozt Qmbztubujpo voe Njdsptpgut Ycpy Tfsjft Y jo efo Hftdiågufo tufifo/ Xbt nbo cjtifs […]

Ruble predicted a return to the lows of mid-March — the Russian newspaper

This week ended with a moderate strengthening of the ruble, thanks to improved sentiment on the financial markets and the rise in oil prices. Contributed to this and past meeting of the Bank of Russia. Especially for the “Rossiyskaya Gazeta” Mikhail Kogan, head of Department of analytical researches “Higher school of financial management”, said that […]

Why in one family one person can get COVID-19, and his family is not

Although viral infections are transmitted through contact-household transmission, often people living with COVID-19 are not infected. Why it happens? Do they have very strong immunity? Or have you already had coronavirus without symptoms? As told in an interview with Rossiiskaya Gazeta, Deputy Director of the Federal State Budgetary Institution Scientific Research Center for Cardiology of […]

Doctors have identified the most effective means of protection against coronavirus

A new study by specialists from the UNC School of Medicine and the UNC Gillings School of Global Public Health in the USA showed which methods of protection against COVID-19 are most effective in terms of the specificity of the spread of viral infection. According to recent data, the virus primarily “settles” in the nasal […]

The benefits of popular omega-3 drugs have been exaggerated

The benefits of omega-3 fatty acid preparations or fish oil supplements have not been sufficiently proven. This indicates their low effectiveness or its complete absence as a prophylaxis of heart disease, dementia or age-related eye diseases. The Stiftung Warentes Consumer Information Institute conducted comparative tests on the quality of various products and consumer services and […]

An external symptom warning of high blood sugar

Recent studies by American doctors have once again confirmed that skin problems can warn of serious malfunctions in the body. Thus, work involving patients with diabetes mellitus indicates that the so-called xerosis is one of the characteristic signs of the development of the disease. Xerosis is manifested by excessive dryness of the skin, from which […]

Why the growth of quotations of a barrel can be replaced by their rapid decline

The oil market, tired of the negative, focused on expectations of rising demand for raw materials and hopes of lifting quarantine restrictions. Barrel quotes are going up, but excessive optimism, backed up only by theoretical calculations and the so far uncertain restoration of oil consumption in China, can play a cruel joke – any bad […]

Named food that removes cancer-causing free radicals

Free radicals that provoke the development of various diseases are formed in the body during the digestion of food, as well as under the influence of tobacco smoke, ultraviolet radiation, polluted air and other factors. A large number of free radicals cause oxidative stress damaging cells. As a result, metabolic, cardiac, neurodegenerative and oncological diseases […]

Biologists have found two drugs against coronavirus among existing ones

Scientists at the Pasteur Institute of Korea have discovered two potentially effective drugs for treating coronavirus. Researchers took 48 drugs from among those already approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for other purposes. The fact is that the use of drugs already approved by the FDA allows you to quickly put them into […]

crossovers that will give odds to SUVs – Russian newspaper

Just some 10-15 years ago, carmakers created models that, if suddenly needed, can activate hidden reserves and break through adversity. Today, almost nothing remains of such versatility and applicability, with the exception of very expensive SUVs. We recall what crossovers could drive to the country even on a very bad road. Ground clearance is higher, […]