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Is Apple Using the Corona Crisis to Incorporate Disney?

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It’s not the mouse that eats the apple, but the other way around: According to analysts, Apple could use the corona chaos on the stock markets to incorporate the media group Disney, which is on a downward slide.

Disney stock has been going downhill rapidly since the end of February: At the beginning of the year, a stake in the media group was still around $ 130, and the price has now reached the 80s range – the last time it was in summer 2018. Hollywood companies are particularly hard hit by the Corona stock market crash, as cinemas around the world are currently being closed. All major restarts have been postponed for the time being, while week-to-week earnings plummet (we reported). But one person’s suffering is known to be another person’s joy …

Loud Hollywood reporter Some experts are currently rumoring whether Apple could swallow Disney, for example. The technology manufacturer is also shaken by the crisis, but still holds a lot of capital in its hands. Rosenblatt Securities analyst Bernie McTernan calculated in a report released on Friday that Disney would currently cost around $ 165 billion, while Apple could easily raise $ 107 billion.

Nevertheless, it would of course be a huge and therefore risky investment for Apple. So far, the company has not wanted to comment on the rumors. CEO Tim Cook could be targeting the huge Disney library, which now also includes the draft horses Marvel and “Starwars” counting. And also Fox titles like “Avatar“Would be dusting. Especially since you could get the new Apple TV + streaming service going with such titles. There are currently only a few in-house productions there.

Although this scenario is far from likely, it is now conceivable, which was certainly not the case before Corona. Disney has lost almost a third of its value, so there is probably no better time to take the mouse house. A first big challenge for Bob Chapek, the designated new Disney CEO, who will soon inherit Bob Iger.

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