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The iPhone 12 mini came to our studio. I have been waiting for this smartphone from the very moment when it first became known about it. In April he even calculated its approximate dimensions:

Then I assumed that it would be about 62 × 129 mm in length and width. Slightly wrong: the actual dimensions of the iPhone 12 mini were 64.2 × 131.5 mm. But good too!

A video with unpacking all colors will soon be on the channel, but for now I decided to use this baby for a couple of days and find out how it works.

Four iPhones at once: iPhone SE (2020), iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro. Photo: Ilya Kichaev / Wylsacom Media

A little unpacking! The box is very small, especially after Apple removed the headphones from it (don’t care) and the power supply (don’t care):

The smartphone lies in the box with the back side up:

And the first thing you think about when you take the 12 mini out of the box is the first generation iPhone SE. He was small and lovely. Then Apple released the second generation SE – essentially a redesigned iPhone 8. However, it is the 12 mini that gives the impression of the most canonical SE from the user point of view: a small and very convenient smartphone:

Compared to the SE of the first generation, the 12 mini has become slightly larger. But now there is a cool screen, the area of ​​which is larger than the entire front panel of the iPhone SE:

And here is the camera block compared to other iPhone 12 models:

The camera in the iPhone 12 mini is similar to that of the regular iPhone 12. Both have a resolution of 12 megapixels, ultra-wide is slightly better than the same camera in the iPhone 11/11 Pro.

And here is the 12 mini camera unit next to the SE of both generations:

The size of the camera block is very different from the large iPhone 12 Pro Max:

By the way, the contents of the box are:

It’s very interesting how the iPhone 12 mini will perform in real life. In the meantime, I have to look at the long transfer of my own data from the 12 Pro to this kid:

I can already say that this is one of the most convenient smartphones that I have ever held in my hands. And I can’t say that I have a straight little pen. However, while I was twirling the 12 mini in my hands, I noticed one not the most pleasant feature: you are likely to smudge the camera with fingerprints:

But this problem applies to all small devices and long grabbing fingers.

Nothing has changed for buttons and connections:

Well, except that now MagSafe is:

The iPhone keeps well on it. Probably because of its lightness – 133 grams! Here, charging:

At first glance, the iPhone 12 mini is one of the most interesting smartphones currently in production. You get flagship hardware in a case, the size of which cannot be called flagship. Apple is breaking the mold – and doing it very cool with such a small device. Topovo.


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