IPhone 12 Mini Users Complaining Device Screen Unresponsive

Recently a number of users iPhone 12 also complained about missing SMS and message notifications. It is not clear whether this problem has only an impact iPhone 12 or other devices, but those who complain are mostly iPhone 12 users. “I haven’t been that long upgrade to iPhone 12 from iPhone 11 Max Pro. I’m […]

iPhone 12 is also ready to enter Indonesia, when?

Jakarta: When PS5 was caught obtaining postel certification permit from the Directorate General of SDPPI Kominfo it was not long before the launch date and the price was announced in Indonesia. Now the iPhone 12 lineup made by Apple has also pocketed postel certification. This indicates that the iPhone 12 series can enter Indonesia and […]

IPhone 12 mini first look – Wylsacom

The iPhone 12 mini came to our studio. I have been waiting for this smartphone from the very moment when it first became known about it. In April he even calculated its approximate dimensions: Apple will unveil a very small iPhone this fall. What will it be? Then I assumed that it would be about […]

Review of iPhone 12 Mini, Small Chili Peppers

Jakarta – After iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro, Apple prepare to market iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Several foreign media have also released reviews of the iPhone 12 Mini and almost all of them claim to be impressed. Here are some of the conclusions. The Verge Our advice for most people […]

Guessing the price of the iPhone 12 in Indonesia, what will it be?

KOMPAS.com – Signs of presence iPhone 12 of Indonesia getting stronger. Recently, the latest line of cellphones from Apple is also known to have received a certificate of passing the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) content test from the Ministry of Industry. Also read: Get TKDN Certificate, iPhone 12 Enter Indonesia Soon When it’s released later, […]

Redmi wants to make a small screen smartphone like the iPhone 12 Mini

But he warned, in releasing smartphone mini size, the company needs to compromise on the battery capacity applied to the device. He explained, reducing the size smartphone directly means that the battery installed in it also has a smaller capacity. “Redmi wants to make smartphone mini size, but capacity or battery life will be sacrificed […]

The iPhone 12 Pro Max battery is smaller than its predecessor

Jakarta – At launch iPhone 12, Apple does not reveal the battery capacity of each model. But recently the battery capacity iPhone 12 Pro Max revealed, and smaller than its predecessor. Quoted detikINET from MacRumors, Thursday (22/10/2020) based on documents registered with TENAA, the iPhone 12 Pro Max has a battery of 3,687 mAh. This […]