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Investigation Underway as 14 Year Old Girl from West Sumatra Dumped on Ancol Toll Road, North Jakarta


The police are currently investigating the case 14 year old girl from West Sumatra (Sumbar) who was dumped by ‘Mami’ the pimp on the Ancol Toll Road, North Jakarta. Police said that currently they are checking CCTV around the location.

“Yes, we are checking again,” said North Jakarta Metro Police Criminal Investigation Unit Head AKBP Hady Saputra Siagian to reporters, Friday (23/2/2024).

Hady explained that his party was combing and checking CCTVs one by one at the location. He said the CCTV check was to determine the exact location of the girl who was dumped by ‘Mami’ on the Ancol Toll Road.


“We’re still investigating one by one. Because some say he got off here, some say he got off here. Still not in sync,” he said.

Hady said police would also meet the person who first found the 14-year-old girl. Hady said that his party wanted to trace what happened when the girl from West Sumatra was first found.

“We also want to meet the person who was the first to find it, because he was at the mother’s house several times. We want to know where he got off, in which direction, sort them one by one first,” he said.

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A 14 year old girl from West Sumatra was found on the Ancol Toll Road on Wednesday (21/2). The victim was allegedly dumped by the ‘Mami’ group under the Ancol toll road to be sold to a philanderer.

This was conveyed by a trader named Wahati (50), who found the girl. Wahati then handed the girl over to the North Jakarta Social Service, Supervision and Control (P3S) officers from the North Jakarta Social Service.

“That he (the victim) was thrown away on the toll road by a big man, after some time he was taken by a mother along with 59 children his age and sold to serve unknown uncles,” said Head of the North Jakarta Social Sub-Department, Rizqon Hermawan, when contacted, Thursday. (22/2).

Rizqon did not provide details about the victim’s condition when he was first found. He said that his party only accepted the victim after receiving a report from the reporting victim. After that, the victim was entrusted to the Cipayung Social Home, East Jakarta.

“Now he is at the orphanage. Our condition is not that bad, we only receive reports, we immediately take them to the orphanage,” he said.


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