British Acting Legend Michael Caine Retires at Age 90: A Look Back at his Illustrious Career

British Acting Legend Michael Caine Retires at Age 90: A Look Back at his Illustrious Career

Michael Caine appeared in front of the camera for the first time in 1950 – 73 years and more than 130 films later, it now seems to be over.

The British acting legend is retiring at the age of 90. With “In Full Bloom” (released in German cinemas on November 23rd), Caine made his last film, as he said in an interview with “ Telegraph“ revealed.

Michael Caine had already claimed to be retiring in 2015 – but then made ten films. But now everything should be different: “I wasn’t 90 back then. Now I am and I can’t even walk properly. “I’m kind of retired now,” he told the British newspaper.

► Actually: At the London premiere of “In Full Bloom” (originally “The Great Escaper”), Caine had to sit on a chair on the red carpet because his legs were no longer able to withstand the strain as they used to.

In the film, Caine plays a World War II veteran who breaks out of a nursing home and sets off alone to Normandy to meet his old comrades at the D-Day anniversary.

According to the director, Caine had to rest between takes, but he always picked himself up. “They gave me a very good cane so I could act out the scenes,” the actor says in an interview. But there were problems there too: “I only did it once and then fell forward.”

However, he only needed one attempt to get the scene right…

His blonde curls, steel blue eyes and London working class (Cockney) accent have always been Michael Caine’s trademark. The son of a cook and a domestic helper from poor south-east London struggled in front of the camera for 14 years until he made his breakthrough in 1964 with the historical drama “Zulu”.

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Michael Caine became the epitome of British cool with his roles

Foto: Getty Images

Along with Sean Connery, he is one of Britain’s most famous actors

Foto: Hulton Archive/Getty Images

With films like “Ipcress – Top Secret”, “The Seducer Sends Greetings” and “Finale in Berlin” he became one of the most famous actors of 1960s cinema. But the highlight of his career for the time being was in “The Italian Job” (“Charlie wins millions”). As crime boss Charlie Crooker, he and his crew are supposed to rob a gold transporter in Turin (Italy).

The chase between the police and the gangsters in their Mini Coopers is one of the most famous scenes in cinema history and Caine became the epitome of British cool.

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But Michael Caine did everything he could to avoid becoming a footnote in film history. In the past ten years alone he has appeared in a whopping 23 films. These include blockbusters like “Interstellar” and “Kingsman”.

Michael Caine in 1978 with his wife Shakira and their daughter Natasha

Foto: picture alliance / ASSOCIATED PRESS

Things will probably be quieter around Michael Caine in the future. The actor and his wife Shakira (76, married for 50 years) recently sold their country house in Surrey because the three hectare property was simply too big. Instead, the couple bought a house in Wimbledon to be closer to their three grandchildren.

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