Interested in buying a used Fortuner? Pay attention to these 3 things


Toyota fortuner the facelift will be launched next week. Although there will be a new model, the old Fortuner is still interesting to consider for a proposal. Moreover, the used units have quite attractive prices, starting at IDR 200 million for the 2015 output. Well, if you are interested in buying a used Fortuner, it’s good to listen to the following tips.

As quoted from the Auto2000 page, there are 3 things to consider when you want to propose to the Toyota Fortuner in this condition second hand (former). Anything?

1. Check the condition of the car engine

The first thing to consider is the condition of the engine. Make sure the machine is in good condition and there are no fatal damage. If possible, do it test-drive or invite a friend who understands car engines when checking. Check whether the brakes, steering wheel, transmission, and the legs of the car are functioning normally or not.

Especially for diesel engine Fortuner, there are three parts that you must check, namely the color of the exhaust fumes, which should not be too black, and don’t let oil drip under the car when parking, and check the engine oil filling hole when it starts.

2. Check Document Completeness

The thing that is no less important than the condition of the car is the completeness of the documents. Make sure your used Fortuner car is equipped with official documents and vehicle documents such as STNK and BPKB. Check and match the data listed on the document with the frame number and engine number. And avoid buying a car with unclear documents.

3. Find Trusted Sellers

If you are not sure you can confirm the completeness of a used car yourself, there’s nothing wrong with looking for a trusted seller. If you want to buy through an online buying and selling site, make sure market place it has a good track record and good service.

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