Intending to be the Regent of North Luwu, Evi Masamba Receives Rejection from Ivan Gunawan

JAKARTA, – Japanese sword Evi Masamba do a survey if he is running to become North Luwu Regent, which is his hometown.

Evi Masamba asked whether he was suitable if he ran as Regent of North Luwu or not.

“Hello, Assalamualaikum, I am Evi Masamba, daughter of North Luwu, is it suitable if I nominate North Luwu Regent, Masamba?” asked Evi, as quoted, Friday (7/8/2020).

Various comments were also contained in Evi Masamba’s Instagram.

There are those who provide support, but not a few are against Evi’s plan to enter politics.

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“It’s suitable, there’s nothing wrong with trying a better one,” wrote the account @belvinaratu.

“It’s really suitable, besides being pretty smart, there’s nothing wrong with trying it,” said the account @ firdaus_mc92.

The refusal also came from the designer and host, Ivan Gunawan.

Igun assessed that Evi Masamba does not need to have a seat in government if he wants to help development in his home region.

“Just be a singer dear, rock. Achieve your dream first while you contribute to building your area as best you can. Sorry if you are wrong,” wrote Ivan Gunawan.

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Not rejecting Ivan Gunawan’s suggestion, Evi replied to his comments and agreed with his opinion.

“Ready my brother,” replied Evi while pinning a kiss emoji.

Ahead of the Pilkada period, several political parties are eyeing the names of Indonesian celebrities to participate in the contest to enliven it.

Pasha Ungu and Aldi Taher are certain to compete for votes in the Central Sulawesi Pilkada.

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Meanwhile, Ramzi has just declared himself running for the South Tangerang regional election.

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