News Insulted by Veronica Tan's Fans, Ahok Affirms Puput Not...

Insulted by Veronica Tan’s Fans, Ahok Affirms Puput Not Actor



Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) alias Ahok took firm action against the perpetrators of defamation. This case involved two suspects and had been arrested by the police.

Ahok’s wife, Puput Nastiti Devi was dragged along, Mother. One of the suspects was proven to have insulted and slandered Puput as a criminal or usurper.

Ahok conveyed, the purpose of reporting this case to the police was to stop the slander. He asserted that Puput was not the actor and his son, Jehoshaphat, was not an illegitimate child.

“If (the perpetrators) are not processed by law, all of their slanders are considered true by the public. If the law states that they are slander, (then) it becomes clear that Puput is not a performer, Yosafat is also not an illegitimate child,” Ahok said.

In his statement, Ahok also discussed the matter of his mother who was slandered. This is related to the problem of divorce with Veronica Tan and the decision to marry Puput.

“My mother is also not a real mother who is not right because she let me divorce Vero and marry Puput,” Ahok said, quoted by detikcom.

Ahok and Puput / Photos: Instagram

Previously, two people with the initials KS and EJ had been arrested by the police for Ahok’s defamation case. Defamation is carried out through social media, Mother.

KS and EJ are known to be part of the Veronica Lovers community, which is a fan of Ahok’s ex-wife, Veronica Tan. One of the suspects, KS, is also the account owner Instagram @ ito.kurnia, once paired Puput photos with animals.

Temporary account Instagram EJ, berate Ahok’s family by saying inappropriate words. As a result of his actions, KS and EJ were charged with ITE Law and threatened with 4 years in prison. Both were not arrested but subjected to compulsory reporting.

Ahok himself reported this problem in May 2020. Ahok’s attorney, Ahmad Ramzy, said that his client felt disadvantaged by these perpetrators.

“It is true that these accounts have gone too far so that the BTP and family feel very disadvantaged,” Ramzy said.

When giving a statement before the media on July 30, 2020, the KS suspect called his action carried out because he wanted to get likes and comments from his followers on social media. 67-year-old woman was sorry and apologized to Ahok openly.

“I’m sorry after I know this. But the rice has become porridge. I have to find a solution and I’m really sorry to Mr. BTP,” he said.

Also see tips on teaching the meaning of sacrifice from two mothers, in the following video:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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