Instead of For Sale, Many Old Innova Deer Owners Upgrade Their Bodies

JAKARTA, – Toyota Kijang Innova be one car family that is in great demand by automotive consumers.

No wonder in some workshops modification provides many Kijang Innova accessories for its consumers.

One of the modifications often made by Kijang Innova owners is to upgrade the body, such as from the old Kijang Innova from 2004 to 2010 to Innova barong.

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The owner of the Automania workshop, Hendra Budiman, said that the number of Kijang Innova consumers who upgraded the body was not without reason.

“First, it’s practical, it means they don’t have to sell the old car and replacing the new one can make the car fresher,” said Hendra when contacted by, Saturday (15/1/2022).

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Then the second reason according to Hendra is minimalism. Where with an affordable price, starting from Rp. 15 million, you can get the appearance of the Kijang Innova like a new car.

“Money in the exchange of cars can be used for other purposes,” he said.

The last reason is that vehicle owners can exist with the appearance of the 2015 Kijang Innova barong output.

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“Many of my customers refuse to be old, namely by upgrading the body, so the display becomes the latest model,” he said.

Hendra admitted, in a month he could get 6-8 units of Kijang Innova for body upgrades.

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Consumers can choose an upgrade package with costs ranging from Rp. 15 million to Rp. 22.5 million. However, before applying the new body set, vehicle owners are required to make a booking a week in advance.

“The installation time is only 2-3 hours,” he said.

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