Toyota Innova Reborn Still Exists, Now Appears Its Facelift

Jakarta – Toyota still maintains the fifth generation Innova or known as the Innova Reborn, although now there is the Innova Zenix as the latest generation. In fact, in India, Toyota launched a facelift version of the Innova Reborn. There, Innova Reborn is sold under the name Innova Crysta. Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has just […]

This is the periodic service fee for the Toyota Kijang Innova Zenix Hybrid

Jakarta – seconds! You have to prepare certain costs so that the car is well maintained and has good performance. For example, for those of you who are attracted to Toyota’s new hybrid car, the Kijang Innova Zenix hybrid. Having the title of being the cheapest in the line of Toyota hybrid cars, how much […]

Innova Diesel salesman stops production: Consumers are looking for gasoline cars

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Toyota will reportedly not resume sales Innova diesel engine in Indonesia. This Japanese company has chosen to replace it with a petrol variant with hybrid technology. The new Kijang Innova which will use the Zenix name will be launched on November 21, 2022. This car will also be Toyota’s first hybrid […]

5 sophisticated features that can appear on the Toyota Innova Hybrid

Jakarta – Toyota Astra PT engine o the launch of TAM is planned Toyota Innova Hybrid at the end of November 2022. The long-awaited vehicle is said to be equipped with a number of excellent new features. According to information detikOto received from Toyota sellers in South Jakarta, Innova Hybrid will be available through three […]

Toyota releases photos of new cars, is this the Innova Zenix with a hybrid engine?

Jakarta – PT Toyota Astra Motor (TAM) is preparing a new product for the Indonesian market. Toyota’s official Instagram account shows an image of the silhouette of the front of the car that would be the Kijang Innova Hybrid or Innova Zenix. In the photo shared by Toyota, the silhouette doesn’t provide much information. The […]

New highway tested Innova sights

Jakarta – Toyota is rumored to be launching the latest Innova in the near future. Before making its world debut, the latest Toyota Innova was caught on camera as it was being tested. This latest Innova test was captured by a camera on a highway in India. Quoted Transportthis spyshot shows a lighter front fascia. […]

The new Toyota Innova has resumed being tested on the highway

GIACARTA, – Toyota it is rumored that it will soon launch the latest generation Innova in November 2022. Approaching its launch, the giant Japanese carmaker was caught on camera testing a suspicious car Toyota Innova brand new on one of the highways. Quoted by TransportSaturday (10/15/2022), the picture shows the appearance of the car […]

Innova Hybrid pricing rumors starting at IDR 455 million, more expensive than rivals

Jakarta – News Toyota will introduce a more popular hybrid variant. Rumored to have 3 types, Toyota Innova Hybrid is rumored to be sold by Rp. 455 million, which makes it further away from its rivals. The Toyota Innova Hybrid’s price increase is actually understandable. The price of cars equipped with batteries, whether full BEV […]

Innova Hybrid will be introduced, will it depart the diesel engine?

Jakarta – The rumors about the presence of the most current Toyota Innova are getting louder. There are allegations of a new title for Innova 2023. Toyota has registered the title Innova Zenix in Indonesia, which is predicted to be the identify of the hottest era of Innova. The most widespread news is that Innova […]