Inspector General Napoleon Bonaparte Lubricated Muhammad’s Face and Body with Human Dirt

Muhammad’s screenshot is cute via his Youtube channel. (Source: Youtube Muhammad Kece)

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – The Director of General Crimes (Dirtipidum) of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Indonesian National Police Brigadier General Andi Rian Djajadi revealed the results of the examination of the case of persecution experienced by Muhammad Kosman alias Muhammad Kece by fellow prisoners.

It was Inspector General of Police Napoleon Bonaparte, the perpetrator who persecuted Muhammad Kece at the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police, Jakarta.

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According to Brigadier General Andi Rian, apart from beating him, Napoleon Bonaparte covered Muhammad Kece with human waste.

Brigadier General Andi Rian added that the human excrement had been prepared in advance by the perpetrator before persecuting the victim.

“In the examination, it was revealed that in addition to the beatings, the perpetrator NB also smeared the victim’s face and body with human waste that had been prepared by the perpetrator,” said Brigadier General Andi when confirmed in Jakarta on Sunday (20/9/20221).

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Andi said that the incident of Napoleon Bonaparte smearing Muhammad Kece with human waste occurred on the same day the victim was tortured in solitary confinement.

“Yes, while hitting him, he also smeared human waste,” said Brigadier General Andi.

As for the human excrement that has been prepared by the perpetrator, Andi said, it is stored in his cell.



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