Inspection delayed departure of FC Porto: ″ It is the response of the Portuguese State ″

This Tuesday, the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) carried out an inspection of security procedures in the VIP area of ​​Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport, in Porto. For this reason, the blue and white entourage was delayed to take flight towards Marseille, in France, where this Wednesday it disputes the fourth day of the group stage of the Champions League.

The trip from FC Porto to Marseille was delayed more than an hour, after the National Civil Aviation Authority (ANAC) carried out an inspection of security procedures in the VIP area of ​​the airport, with the retinue of dragons remaining more an hour standing.

The match, it should be noted, was scheduled for 3:30 pm on Tuesday, but it happened more than an hour later.

Now, Francisco J. Marques, director of information and communication at FC Porto, commented on the case in the program “Universo Porto da Bancada” this Tuesday and pointed the finger at the Portuguese State.

“A very unfortunate situation for ANAC [Autoridade Nacional de Aviação Civil]. When a high level and highly competitive team will play, as is FC Porto in the Champions League, the club pays to have VIP access at the airport. What is the objective? That the players, who are going to play the game, can be as disturbed as possible. They stood for more than an hour, because some gentlemen decided to choose that flight, a charter flight, with only the team, doctors and staff, a reduced entourage. What have you done? They went to see if the bags where the perfumes are in were fine. An entry that lasts for one minute per person is now 10 minutes. These things only happen with FC Porto, this has a specific reason: everyone knows how President Pinto da Costa has led against this attack on football at the expense of the pandemic, this is the response of the Portuguese State, this has happened in many different ways circumstances “, started by throwing J. Marques, continuing:

“FC Porto is the team that best represents Portuguese football in Europe, but in Portugal there are those who try to complicate life for FC Porto. These behaviors are unnecessary and reprehensible. If the minister who oversees ANAC remains silent, it is because he is at fault at the registry office. If you think that a Portuguese team that is going to represent Portugal is more than an hour waiting standing up, it’s unworthy, then let’s draw our conclusions “, he added, before concluding, saying that” victories cost FC Porto a lot “:

“It has already happened to everyone to get on a plane and not be able to go off at the time, due to weather conditions or something, but we are waiting, sitting on the plane, rested. But in this case, an operation of authorship is taking place … It is really against everything and everyone. To FC Porto, the victories really cost a lot, it is a shame to face the opponents and still have to fight against the State “, concluded Francisco J. Marques.


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