It is known that immunization in RI has succeeded in preventing various infectious diseases

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Corona cases in Indonesia have not decreased ma’am. Done, it’s starting to show progress.

Quoted from page, this increase can be seen from the recovery rate or Recovery rate Positive COVID-19 cases are up 83.92 percent from last week and more than 84 percent this week. In addition, the government is currently working to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by making the public aware of the vaccination program.

“Therefore, the government is developing vaccines and vaccinations. The Ministry of Health has trained more than 8,600 of the 23,000 vaccines and then plans to be ready to support the vaccination campaign, ”said Dr. Reyza Proto Azmoro.

As is well known, the vaccination program in Indonesia has succeeded in preventing various infectious diseases.

“In the past, before vaccines were invented, many deaths were due to infectious diseases such as measles, diphtheria and pneumonia. Once this vaccine is born, this dangerous infection will go away, “said immunologist Dr. Jane Jan Sobardi. MBH

Therefore, several factors need to be considered when designing a vaccination campaign. First of all, of course a vaccine has to be available first. Then save the vaccine so it doesn’t spoil quickly. Then determine the location of the infection.

“Vaccines are not just any brand. Therefore, our country’s policy is the vaccines used are registered in WHO. Then the most important thing is the recipient of the vaccine.

Jane added that it would be nice if the public has confidence in the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine if there is a corona vaccine in the future.

“The general public needs to know that vaccines are very different from drugs because vaccines are given to healthy people so the vaccine requirements are very strict. So it’s better not to catch Covid-19, and if we’re lucky enough to have it. To get a vaccine, don’t refuse. Thank you for getting the COVID-19 vaccine. “He said.

In addition, it is believed that the community will continue to use health protocols even if they are vaccinated later.

“Even though we have stepped into vaccines, we need to be disciplined with 3M (wear masks, wash hands and maintain a safe distance). After all, don’t be afraid of getting infected, “said Reza.

Also consider in this video the reasons parents are exposed to corona:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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