Inga Žolude’s novel about Jānis Poruks has been published in the series ‘I am’

Publishing “Book of the Day“has released the series” I am… “
the latest work – the novel “Vendene Lotus Flower” by the writer Inga Žolude about the Latvian writer and poet Jānis Poruks (1871–1911).

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At one time, Zenta Mauriņa called Jānis Poruks a classic of Latvian literature, on whose faces even his contemporaries disagreed, but called the next generation a faustic soul, says historical consultant Vents Zvaigzne. “A man who knew both the highest and noble endeavors and the hedonic surrender to pleasures and a night of madness. Is it possible 120 years later to write a novel from the point of view of such a hero, living inwardly Inga Žolude’s “Lotus Flower of Vendene” shows that it is possible, “continues Zvaigzne.

Gundega Blumberga, editor of the series, states:Inga Žolude has created so perfect Jānis Poruka that reading he becomes a close person to whom to devote the full range of feelings: to sympathize and admire, argue and anger. Her poet not only wears tears and suffers, not only gets drenched in Cologne water and buys new ears, because her business card could not be a slippery slipper, but writes, writes and writes to get back in life again and again, which is not at all gentle with creative people. Not then or now. Because, as the novel says, greatness is not accompanied by protection, on the contrary – you stand big and vulnerable, one against the whole world. ”

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Inga Žolude (1984) is a writer and doctor of philology, published since 2002. “Vendene Lotus Flower” is the author’s tenth book. So far, four novels and five story books have been published, several of the works have been nominated for the Latvian Literature of the Year Award, and Inga Žolude has received the European Union Literature Award for the prose collection “Consolation to the Tree of Adam” (2010). The artist of the book is Jānis Esītis.

The project “I am” envisages the series “We. Latvia, XX Century ”, constantly activating social memory, awareness of history, its research and understanding, focusing on the essence of personality, individual choices, intellectual responsibility.
Aspazija, Anna Brigadere, Anšlavs Eglītis, Jānis Ezeriņš, Gunars Janovskis, Ivande Kaija, Vilis Lācis, Jānis Poruks, Kārlis Skalbe, Ilze Šķipsna, Andrejs Upīts, Eduards Veidenbaums, Jānis Ziemeļnieks. Some of these 13 writers, poets and playwrights so important for literature and cultural history have been undeservedly forgotten, while others have been canonized and lost the outlines of a living creative personality. However, even more important is the clear diversity of these classics, the very diametrical differences from each other, as well as the demonstration of the mutual mirror images of the individual and society, in which we can very well see today’s processes.

The project “I am…” is implemented with the support of the State Cultural Capital Fund. The authors of novels and monographs are writers Inga Ābele, Andris Akmentiņš, Guntis Berelis, Māris Bērziņš, Inga Gaile, Ilze Jansone, Arno Jundze, Laima Kota, Svens Kuzmins, Gundega Repše, Osvalds Zebris, Andris Zeibots, Inga Žolja and literary scholars Mai Daukste-Silasproģe, Gundega Grīnuma, Māra Grudule, Ieva Kalniņa, Arnis Koroševskis, Sigita Kušnere, Anita Rožkalne, Olga Senkāne, Lita Silova, Ieva Struka, Viesturs Vecgrāvis, Jānis Zālītis. The author and initiator of the idea of ​​the project “I am…” is the writer and art historian Gundega Repše.

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