Hacker attack on a popular Internet service. The giant data leakage also affects the Czechs

Twitch’s most popular streaming service addresses a massive leak of creators’ sensitive data. Their personal data, including information on payments, was leaked to the public. The hacker attack also affected several Czechs.

Twitch.tv, a popular platform for live broadcasting, is solving a huge scandal. Not only did the hackers be able to access the source code and sensitive information, but they also published it through the infamous 4chan portal. They placed a file larger than 100 GB on it, he informs BBC.

Site administrators are trying to resolve the issue. For now, they have restored all creators’ access keys to prevent further leaks. An Amazon-owned company said the disruption was caused by a configuration change to the Twitch server that could be exploited by a third party.

But the damage has already been done. A huge amount of data was leaked to the public, and there was also information about financial rewards for some creators. According to those, the most profitable personalities on Twitch currently include the CriticalRole channel broadcasting Dungeons & Dragons or the authors Félix Lengyel (known under the pseudonym xQC) or Jaryd Russell Lazar (Summit1g).

The just mentioned group CriticalRole was supposed to come up with almost ten million dollars (220 million crowns) from September 2019 to the present.

According to various gaming and streaming portals, the published names also include Czechs, including streamer Agraelus, who was supposed to earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Names like Herdyn, FattyPillow or CzechCloud also appeared.

Teams of information specialists and other security experts are trying to understand how big the data leak is.




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