India’s Covid-19 Crisis Update: Oxygen Is Like Gold, Bangladesh Shuts Border, International Aid Shipments Page all

NEW DELHI, – India is experiencing a critical lack of oxygen amid a surge in the Covid-19 crisis that is destroying its health system. International efforts are being made to help the crisis Covid-19 India.

The capital of India, New Delhi, has extended lockdown because overcrowded hospitals continue to turn down patients.

The government has approved a plan to encourage more than 500 oxygen generating plants across the country to increase supply.

Meanwhile, neighboring Bangladesh has announced that it will close its border with India from Monday (26/4/2021), to prevent the spread of the virus.

BBC reported, until Sunday morning (25/4/2021) India reported 349,691 more cases in 24 hours and 2,767 other deaths. However, the real figure is thought to be much higher.

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British aid dispatch

The first delivery of aid left the UK on Sunday (25/4/2021) and will arrive in India on Tuesday (27/4/2021). Further deliveries will be made at the end of the week.

The aid includes 495 oxygen concentrators – which can extract oxygen from the air when the hospital’s oxygen system is exhausted. As well as 120 non-invasive and 20 manual ventilators.

“We stand side by side with India as friends and partners during a very worrying time in the fight against Covid-19,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in a statement.

The surge in infections has led to the cancellation of Johnson’s planned visit to India and travel bans. Other countries, including the UAE and Canada, have also banned flights from India.

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Vaccine raw material

The White House said it would immediately provide vaccine raw materials to Indian vaccine producers.

This follows calls by Indian officials and the Serum Institute of India (SII) for the US to lift export controls on vaccine raw materials that were imposed in February. The US will also provide medical equipment and protective gear.

France meanwhile said it would provide oxygen.

In Brussels, the European Union (EU) Commission plans to send oxygen and medicine too. Its chairman, Ursula von der Leyen, said the bloc was “gathering resources to respond quickly to Indian requests for assistance.”

Neighboring India Pakistan, which has strained relations with New Delhi amid a territorial dispute, is offering medical equipment and supplies.

Pakirstan Prime Minister Imran Khan posted his prayers on Twitter for a “speedy recovery”. The country’s Edhi Foundation has also offered to send a fleet of 50 ambulances to India.

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Situation in India

In New Delhi, a region of about 20 million people, hospitals are full and refusing new patients.

At least two hospitals have seen scores of patients die after oxygen supplies ran out. Relatives of the patient searched for hospital establishments, oxygen supplies and ventilators via social media.

Some of the roads outside the medical facilities were crowded with seriously ill people. Meanwhile his relatives tried to arrange a stretcher and oxygen supplies, while begging the hospital authorities to find a place inside.

Meanwhile, the testing capacity has also been overwhelmed and the crematorium is working around the clock.

Similar scenes took place in other major cities. In total India has confirmed nearly 17 million infections and 192,000 deaths. Several states and territories have imposed locks and other restrictions.

It said the more contagious variant had driven a spike in infections. That includes a British variant that has been found in New Delhi, and a variant that was first detected in India in October.

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Criticism of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government has increased, due to the country’s lack of readiness for a second wave. This includes allowing large religious gatherings and political demonstrations to take place.

On Sunday in a radio address Modi said: “We believe our spirits are up after overcoming the first wave, but this storm has rocked the nation.”

He also wrote condolences on Twitter after it was revealed that the famous Indian classical music singer, Rajan Mishra, died in New Delhi after suffering health complications related to Covid-19.

The Indian government has confirmed it has asked Twitter to block tweets criticizing the authorities’ handling of the crisis.

They argued that the tweet contained false information and was against Indian law. The giant social media platform has blocked dozens of tweets from being seen in India.

Meanwhile a group of newspapers said it was suspending coverage of the country’s main domestic cricket competition, the Indian Premier League. This is because the competition is considered “inappropriate” if it takes place in the middle of this surge.



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