India has another record finger of coronavirus infection, Germany has a similar case as the Czech Republic Svt

Dill / Berlin / Kiev In India, a record number of coronavirus-infected people have risen again in the last day, with tests confirming new infections in 97,894 cases. Reuters reported on Thursday, referring to the Ministry of Health. In Germany, there were 2194 cases in the last day, which is similar to eight quarters of the Czech Republic. A record finger was recorded in Ukraine, where the infection was confirmed in 3584 people.

To date, 5.12 million people have been infected with coronavirus in the world‘s most populous country. This is the second highest number in the world after the United States, where it records about 6.6 million cases.

The number of deaths in India has been increasing recently and in the last two weeks their balance has exceeded one thousand every day. This happens in a situation where there are initially many intensive units in hospitals and insufficient oxygen levels for critically ill patients. In the last 24 hours, 1132 people with covid-19 have died, a total of 83,198.

The Indian government continues to ease restrictions in an effort to boost the Indian economy, with millions of jobs lost in the past month.

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In Germany, there were 2,194 coronavirus infections in the last day. This is only a few plates more than in the eight-month period, where tests in the middle showed a new coronavirus infection in 2139 people.

In Germany, according to current statistics from the Robert Koch Institute, a total of 265,857 people have been infected since the arrest of the current covid-19 pandemic, 9371 of whom have died. The mortal balance has increased by three in the last 24 hours.

On Wednesday, due to the unfavorable epidemic situation, Germany ranked the Central Bohemian Region among the risks of the area, and last week it did so in the case of Prague. This means that people coming from these cities must have a negative coronavirus test or quarantine. In the middle, among the regions, the German series is considered a risk, so she found herself Vde or Budapest.

Ukraine is at a record pace, thousands of Jewish pilgrims are stranded at the borders

Ukraine recorded a record finger of a new confirmed coronavirus case in the past day: the infection was confirmed in 3,584 people, Reuters reported on Thursday, referring to the city council. The previous record in the form of 3144 case was from 11.

Since the end of the pandemic, 166,244 people have been infected in Ukraine, with a population of 42 million, of whom 3,400 have died. The mortal balance has increased by six dead in the last day. In the meantime, 73,913 patients recovered from coronavirus-induced covid-19 disease.

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In an effort to prevent coronavirus, the Ukrainian government closed the border and banned foreigners from entering the country. Between the Belarusian and Ukrainian borders, several thousand pilgrims from Hasidic idols were introduced, who, despite the devastation, went to the Ukrainian city of Uma to the grave of the founder of the Hasidic community, Rabbi Nachman. The tradition of celebrating Jewish time here for the first time has existed for years, the BBC News server told its Russian-speaking party. Some pilgrims tried to get to Ukraine outside the border of the infantry. One of them was seized by the border guards in the piers and he was executed with five years of entry into the ground. In the city, the border services help the police and the National Guard and the Air Force.

Those of the Hasidic idiots, who are citizens of Israel and are now between the Ukrainian and Belarusian borders, on Thursday Israeli Minister of Higher Education and Water Management Zeev Elkin called for the return of the house. We received a final negative response from Ukrainian authorities, despite many efforts to help Israel enter Ukraine from Belarus or Moldova, Elkin wrote on Twitter. I will call on our citizens to return to Israel, he added.

The responsibility for the crisis with the pilgrims is shared by the Belarusian and Ukrainian councils. According to non-former Belarusian protests against the regime of President Alexander Lukaenko: Ukraine is officially neutral, but President Volodymyr Zelensky condemned the force against the demonstrators and Lukaenko accused Ukraine of training provocateurs. And given the situation in Belarus, Ukrainian border guards allow Belarusians to take refuge in Ukrainian land, the BBC added.

In Russia, more than 19,000 people succumbed to the disease

Russia reported 5,762 new coronavirus infections on Thursday and 144 deaths in the past 24 hours. In day two, it was 5,670 crashes and 132 deaths, Reuters reported, referring to the Russian authorities. More than 19,000 people have died since the pandemic.

Russia is the world‘s fourth worst-hit country in terms of overall sweat, after the United States, India and Brazil. In total, more than 1.085 million people in the country with a population of 146 million were infected, of whom 19,061 died.

Denk Kommersant pointed out on his website that the sweat of new cases is growing for the fourth day in a row.


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