Evaristo González is sentenced to seven years in prison for fraud and falsification of documents | Radio Club Tenerife | Present

The businessman from La Laguna, Evaristo González, has been sentenced to seven years in prison for committing the crimes of Social Security fraud and documentary falsification in commercial documents. In the sentence, advanced by the SER, it is considered proven that González wove a fraudulent plot with the aim of defrauding the public coffers. According to the criminal court, the modus operandi consisted in the use of straw men or figureheads, including the murdered businessman, Carlos Machín, with a view to supplying the restaurants and entertainment venues owned by González with employees who were they made false contracts. Once the company accumulated debts of no more than 80,000 euros, it was eliminated and another was created. It should be remembered that the trial was plagued with setbacks, since Evaristo himself, who decided to represent himself, challenged the judge, Elena Margarita Martínez Sánchez. A challenge that was rejected on the understanding that it was a delaying maneuver. However, the sentence is far from the penalty that the Public Prosecutor’s Office was interested in, who requested a total of 44 years in prison for González.

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