bird infected with WEST NILE VIRUS for the first time! – The Daily Standard

The RIVM is raising the alarm today. A bird with the West Nile virus has been found in the Utrecht region. It is the first time that this virus has been found in our country. SO PANIC.

The RIVM explains on Twitter:

You can hear them thinking, “PUSH THE PANIC BUTTON.” Because on its own site the disease obsessives explain that the virus occurs in birds and is transmitted by mosquitoes. “The virus can also affect humans and transmitted to some mammals, such as horses. ”

“If you become infected with the virus, it usually takes 3 to 15 days before you can get complaints,” says the RIVM. Most people (80%) do not get any complaints. About 20% of infected people develop mild flu-like symptoms such as fever, headache, and muscle pain. Only a very small proportion (1%) will receive a serious illness such as encephalitis or meningitis. With these serious illnesses the chance of death 4 to 14%. In people from 70 years or older this can increase to 15 to 29%.

All of this is reminiscent of that other virus that now forces us to live in a “new normal”; a new normal in which the elderly become isolated and the economy destroyed.

Unfortunately for RIVM, many Twitter users are completely done with this. Those birds can die.

Tweep Laureate Jan “Superjan” Bennink also reacts ironically. “Were the mink gone?” he writes, referring to the reports from the RIVM in the summer that so-called mink farms hotbeds of the coronavirus.

Perhaps this did not have the desired effect after all.

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