Inai considers that democracy as a political regime should be reaffirmed in Latin America

The President Commissioner of National Institute of Transparency, Access to Information and Protection of Personal Data (Inai), White Lilia Ibarra Cadena He affirmed that it is necessary to reaffirm the democratic scheme as a political regime and form of government in Latin America.

According to what was published by The universal in its online version, Ibarra Chain assured that respect for the exercise of freedoms and human rights must be above any attempt to undermine them.

By participating in the dialogue “How to rebuild better: voices for a new story”, within the Meeting Social and political pacts for a new Latin America, convened by EUROsociAL+, European Union Cooperation Program with Latin America, which was held in Chile, the presiding commissioner of the Inai He criticized that the region is currently experiencing “uncertainty” by pointing out that old schemes of economic and political development are increasingly obsolete “but they have not just gone away.”

“We believe that respect for the exercise of freedoms and human rights must be above any attempt to undermine them, it is a priority agenda, and a third point that we consider is public policies to promote economic, political and social development. In these three consensuses, transparency constitutes a fundamental value”, she is quoted by the national newspaper.

Also president of the Network of Transparency and Access to Information (RTA), recounted the specific actions carried out, in coordination with EUROsociAL+ and the RTA, as the impulse of the Inter-American Model Law 2.0 on Access to Public Information, which includes the best regulatory standards in the continent.

While, Sonia Gonzalez Fuentes, coordinator of the Governance area of EUROsociAL+, highlighted that this meeting brings together a hundred plural voices, those of women and men from different sectors and territorial levels of governments, institutions and civil society organizations.

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taking the floor, Jorge Bermudez, Comptroller General of the the Republic of Chile, acknowledged that the main challenge in the Latin American region is to become aware that “corruption is the cancer of democracy”, since he indicated that corruption corrodes the democratic system, the only system in which people can develop their personality , their expectations and their rights.

“We come to corruption because normally those who hold power, from their space of power (…) say one thing and do another and that difference between what is said and what is done generates a toxic culture that is the breeding ground for corruption. distrust in public institutions. And when public institutions are not trusted, it is impossible to cooperate”, he quotes The universal.

With information from El Universal

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