In Ukraine, businesses are massively fined for illegal labor


In Ukraine, businesses are massively fined for illegal labor

Large-scale inspections of businesses for compliance with labor laws have been going on in the country for a month now.

Every third enterprise audited by the State Labor Service of Ukraine violates labor laws. About it informs OpenDataBot on Monday, August 2nd.

The most common violation is unregistered workers. If a person works without an employment contract, a warning is issued for the first and third groups of the simplified taxation system. The rest face a fine of 60 thousand hryvnia.

In 2021, they want to conduct twice as many checks in the country than in 2020. 21150 enterprises are planning to check.

Reviewers come to companies when:

  • the number of employees does not correspond to the volume of work performed;

  • employers do not submit to the PFU information about the employment of employees (including the absence of hired workers among dealers in excisable goods);

  • the number of employees who work part-time has grown sharply (by 20% or more);

  • individuals have been working under a civil law contract with one employer for more than a year;

  • for the employer, 30% or more of employees work under civil law contracts;

  • during the year, 10% or more of the staff were cut.

Recall that the authorities intensify the fight against the shadow economy… On July 1, inspections began at enterprises to identify workers who were not officially working.

It was also reported that in Ukraine intend to increase taxes… By raising a number of taxes and rents, the authorities intend to receive additional tens of billions of hryvnias.

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