In Truskavets, the parking lot of the Servant of the People hotel was filled with luxury cars

The territory of the Rixos hotel is occupied by expensive, tinted cars

Some of the deputies probably decided to come by private cars. Photo: collage “Today”

To the Rixos Prykarpattya hotel in Truskavets, where on Friday, October 1 the congress is taking place deputies of the Servant of the People faction, dozens of foreign premium cars arrived. The correspondent of “Segodnya” informs about it.

Despite the fact that most of the participants in the party congress traveled to the city by train, some of the deputies probably decided to come by private cars. It is also possible that the cars belong to other guests and guests of the hotel. The hotel parking lot is filled with luxury sedans and SUVs.

So, our correspondent noticed several Mercedes GLS, BMW X5, Audi Q7, Audi A6 and A7, Volkswagen Touareg, Toyota Prado, Range Rover Sport, Lexus ES, Infiniti QX and other prestigious foreign cars. Judging by the regions indicated on the license plates, the cars arrived not only from the capital, but also from Zhitomir, Kharkov and Kherson.

Edition “High Castle” informs that it is now impossible to get to the hotel where the event will take place. Law enforcement officers are not allowed to enter the territory.

“All that the journalists managed to see were expensive tinted cars entering the hotel territory,” – the publication reports.

Journalists also noticed the head of the law enforcement committee of the Verkhovna Rada, Serhiy Ionushaswho drove his Porsche, and People’s Deputy Roxolana Pidlas of Toyota.

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk “Today”

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk “Today”

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk “Today”

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk

Photo: Dmitry Gordiychuk “Today”

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  • The congress of “servants of the people” in Truskavets will be held on October 1-2, and will settle the deputies in the luxurious Rixos Prykarpattya hotel, as well as hotels “Mirotel” and “Forest Song”. The political force dubbed the event as the “big faction”, and President Volodymyr Zelensky will also be present. The minimum price for daily rent of a room in Rixos starts from UAH 2840 per day, and the maximum price is 8800. There are also premium rooms – 19,000 each, but it is not yet known whether “servants” will live in them.
  • The deputies are going to take stock of their two-year work in the Rada, as well as discuss plans for the future. So, for example, “servants” cook new turbo mode in parliament, because they believe that there is not much time left.
  • Of the more pleasant – the “servants” are waiting for a gala dinner, at which will be giving out “party Oscars”, and the head of the faction David Arahamia will play a branded Dj-set for his colleagues.
  • It also became known that the head of parliament Dmitry Razumkov will not be in Truskavets – he was not invited there because he is not a member of the faction. The speaker himself says, they say, they did not want to see him there, because he could disrupt the plans for his resignation.

As we wrote, there was an incident on the Kiev-Truskavets train – journalists and deputies did not share places and the first had to move to another carriage.



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