In the video… a meteorologist reveals a sharp drop in temperatures and rainfall… and identifies the affected areas

Al-Marsad newspaper: Today, Saturday, the meteorological spokesman, Hussein Al-Qahtani revealed that the Kingdom is witnessing weather fluctuations and a sharp drop in temperatures in the northern, northeastern and central regions of the Kingdom.

Al-Qahtani said in an interview with the “From Saudi Arabia” program that moderate to heavy rains are expected, which will also affect the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and its coasts.

Al-Qahtani added that the atmosphere is currently generally stable in Mecca, although it may witness the reception of an imminent case, but its impact is not high on the Mecca region.

And the National Meteorological Center had previously announced the continuation of weather fluctuations in most regions of the Kingdom, starting tomorrow, Sunday, until Wednesday.

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