In the Russian Federation, the maximum deaths from COVID since the beginning of the pandemic

Photo: Radio Liberty

The country has a new anti-record for the number of deaths from coronavirus every day

In Russia, the maximum number of people died from coronavirus per day – 968. Almost 30 thousand fell ill.

In Russia, over the past day, a record number of COVID patients have died for the entire time of the pandemic – 968 people. This was reported on Saturday, October 9, by Interfax, citing data from the operational headquarters.

In just a day, 29 362 cases of coronavirus were recorded in the Russian Federation.

These values ​​approached the maximum for a pandemic of 29,935 cases recorded on December 24, 2020.

It is noted that the most deaths from coronavirus per day in Moscow – 70, in St. Petersburg – 61, in the Sverdlovsk region – 48.

In Moscow, a jump in the incidence rate was noted per day from 4,594 on Friday to 6,001 cases on Saturday. This is the maximum number of infections since July 9.

Recall that in Russia recently anti-records for the number of deaths are updated daily from the coronavirus. Also recently, the country has installed new high of coronavirus cases since the beginning of the year.

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