In the middle of a concert, Madonna takes her audience through the streets of New York

The singer created a “Riot of love” interpreting Like A Prayer, accompanied by pianist Jon Baptiste, in front of a church in Harlem.

More than 40 years after the start of her career, the one who quickly established herself as an icon of pop music, continues to be talked about. October 8, in full promotion of his documentary Madame X coming out the same day, Madonna was giving an intimate concert at the Red Roosters in New York. In front of her friends and fans and accompanied by her friend and piano virtuoso Jon Baptiste, she performed several of her most legendary songs.

While singing his flagship song Like A Prayer, Madonna knelt down and addressed her audience: “Do you feel like something is missing in your life? […] So what is our job, what is our destiny? Go out and find it», She declared before leaving the room. Followed by a hundred people, including Jon Baptiste and his group Stay Human, Madonna, armed with a megaphone, continued her concert on 126th Street, in the middle of Harlem. To give more power to her title, she stopped in front of a nearby church. On his social networks, Jon Baptiste described this moment as real “riot of love.»

Madame X

On October 8, the long-awaited documentary film of the singer was released as well as the live album of her tour. The biopic traces the eight concerts that counted Madame X, tour which took place between September 2019 and March 2020, which was interrupted due to restrictions linked to the health crisis. The feature film follows the singer and 48 other artists, musicians, singers and dancers from around the world, from behind the scenes to the stage, without ever leaving this very marked universe unique to Madonna.

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