In summer recess urge to maintain a healthy diet

During the holidays, people usually relax in food, so from the Ministry of Public Health (MSP) they urge a healthy diet. “This is the time when people transgress their food; consume frequently and in greater quantity foods with high caloric content, sugars and fats ”, said the lawyer Claralina Mendoza, nutritionist of the Directorate of Surveillance of Noncommunicable Diseases.

The nutritionist proposes to eat in moderation ice cream, fast food and others, and remember not to neglect the consumption of fruits, vegetables and water. “Not because we are on vacation we have to eat badly, but try to do it in a balanced way, enjoying what we like without excess.” He advises to prefer healthier options. “Ice cream has a very high caloric intake, from fats and sugars.”

For meals, it is recommended to accompany the meat, the Paraguayan soup or the guasu chipa with plenty of fresh salad. After leaving the pool consume some fruit.


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