In addition to beating, Habib Bahar also stabbed the victim in the neck

Bandung – The West Java Public Prosecutor (JPU) has uncovered the persecution committed by Habib Bahar bin Smith against an online taxi driver named Andriansyah. Apart from beatings, Bahar also struck a knife and choked the victim.

This was stated in the West Java Prosecutor’s indictment which was read out in a trial held at the Bandung District Court (PN), Jalan LLRE Martadinata, Bandung City, Tuesday (6/4/2021).

In the indictment, the cutting action carried out by Habib Bahar began when Habib Bahar got into Andriansyah’s car, who had just finished escorting Bahar’s wife, Jihana Roqayah. While in the car, Bahar, who asked Andriansyah to take him to the front of the complex, was involved in a conversation with Andriansyah. Bahar asked Andriansyah whether he knew him or not to which Andriansyah did not know.

“The defendant Habib Bahar then said ‘Ane Habib Bahar’ while taking out a small silver knife with a light blue handle on it. After removing the knife, suddenly the defendant HB Assayid Bahar bin Smith hit it with his bare hand once to the right chest. After being hit , the victim witness got out of his car, “said West Java Prosecutor Suharja.

While outside the car, Bahar again persecuted him. He slashed the victim’s back neck using the knife that was exhibited earlier.

“When the victim got out of the car and ran, the defendant HB Assayid Bahar bin Smith was chased and after being caught, then the defendant HB Assayid Bahar bin Smith slashed a sharp weapon in the form of a small silver knife once hit the back of the neck of the victim witness Andriansyah,” he said. .

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After slashing a knife into the back of the victim’s neck, Bahar also hit the victim’s chest 10 times until the victim fell. Then Bahar pulled the victim’s shirt by the neck and dragged him to put him in his car.

“When he was about to be loaded into the white Pajero Sport car, the defendant HB Assayid Bahar bin Smith choked the victim’s witness’s neck with his left hand and pulled him into the car. But at that time the victim’s witness struggled until half of the victim’s body, lying on his stomach, had already entered the car. on top of the cabin and his legs are still outside, “he said.

At that moment, a man named Wiro arrived, who helped Bahar get the victim into the car. After entering, Bahar struck again once and stomped on the victim’s head.

Previously, Habib Bahar bin Smith was again caught in a case of alleged persecution. He was named a suspect by the West Java Regional Police for the persecution case.

Information gathered, the alleged case of persecution was reported by a person named Andriansyah in 2018 to the West Java Regional Police. Later, the General Criminal Investigation Directorate, raised the status of reported Bahar to become a suspect.

Bahar’s act resulted in the victim being injured. In the trial, Bahar was charged with Article 170 of the Criminal Code paragraph (2) 1 on violence in the first charge and Article 351 of the Criminal Code paragraph 2 on the persecution of Jo Article 55.

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