In addition to beating, Habib Bahar also stabbed the victim in the neck

Bandung – The West Java Public Prosecutor (JPU) has uncovered the persecution committed by Habib Bahar bin Smith against an online taxi driver named Andriansyah. Apart from beatings, Bahar also struck a knife and choked the victim. This was stated in the West Java Prosecutor’s indictment which was read out in a trial held at […]

Bahar Smith Refuses to be Examined by Taxi Driver Online

Bandung, CNN Indonesia – Bahar bin Smith refused to be examined at Gunung Sindur Prison, Monday (23/11), as a suspect in the alleged case persecution to online taxi driver. “Habib Bahar doesn’t want to be asked for his statement. He refuses to give any information,” said West Java Police Reskrimum Director, Senior Commissioner CH Patoppoi […]

Already Forgiving Each Other, We Don’t Want To Raise Again

Habib Bahar bin Smith underwent an examination at the West Java Police Headquarters, Jalan Soekarno-Hatta, Bandung City, West Java Tuesday (18/12/2018). (Source: Tribun Jabar / Gani Kurniawan) BOGOR DISTRICT, KOMPAS.TV – Hendy P who became the legal authority of the victims of the persecution Bahar bin Smith admitted he was shocked when he heard that […]

Bahar Smith’s dramas, from Hina Jokowi to Taxi Driver Persecution

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Leader of the Council of the Defenders of the Prophet, Bahar bin Ali bin Smith re-designated as a suspect on suspicion persecution in his current status as a prisoner at the Penitentiary (Lapas), Mount Sindur, Bogor Regency. The West Java Regional Police’s Directorate of General Criminal Investigation (Ditreskrimum) named Bahar a […]

Bahar bin Smith Returns to Be a Suspect, Attorneys Prepare for Pretrial

BOGOR DISTRICT, – The power of law Bahar bin Smith, Aziz Yanuar emphasized that his party would immediately submit a pretrial regarding the determination of the suspect against his client. Previously, Bahar bin Smith was again named a suspect by the police, for allegedly carrying out the torture together. “Then politically, we will ask […]