I’ll look for you, Maya Sansa lets out: “I didn’t dare to celebrate”

Written by Simona Tranquilli, on October 18, 2020, in TV Series & Film

foto I'll look for you Sara Maya Sansa

Maya Sansa from Io I’ll look for you: “I don’t know about auditel and I didn’t dare to celebrate”

Ironic and with an overwhelming smile. Maya Sansa, Sara of Io will look for you, broke the silence on the pages of Tele Seven talking about his character and the success of the new Rai1 TV series. The actress admitted that the great response she had from the fiction in which she stars alongside Alessandro Gassmann it was totally unexpected.

“I don’t know about auditel. When I saw 5 million viewers I asked: “Are we happy?”. I didn’t dare celebrate. It was a success for all of us ”.

This lo outburst of Maya Sansa that in I will look for you plays Deputy Commissioner Sara and helps Valerio discover the truth about his son’s death. However, the investigator must also face her marital problems in the Rai1 TV series.

Anticipations I will look for you, the actress of Sara (Maya Sansa) reveals a background

Maya Sansa has admitted that she is very fond of her character’s name in I will look for you, Sara. It is in fact a name that has Middle Eastern origins and which represents it a lot. To differentiate yourself from Sara di Tutto it can happen though, Maya Sansa has chosen a radical change of look: “To help viewers enter a completely different story, I changed my look”. The long black hair became so red and short, plus the actress admitted that using detective language wasn’t easy.

I will look for advances, Maya Sansa (Sara) talks about the relationship with her daughter Talitha

Waiting for penultimate episode of the fiction I will look for you tomorrow night, Maya Sansa she admitted that with her daughter, Talitha, she is not an apprehensive mom in real life.

“I was when she was a baby. Now she is 7 years old and a wise little adult ”.

The actress of I will look for you she stressed that she is calm even when she leaves little Talitha while shooting a film or series because she can count on the help of her partner, the Canadian actor Fabrice Scott.

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