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IG Sindh meeting with Prime Minister, discussion regarding exchange

Prime Minister Imran Khan met with Inspector General (IG) Sindh Kaleem Imam in which matters related to their transfer were discussed.

In the meeting, the issues of law and order in Sindh were also discussed about the appointment of Kaleem Imam in the future.

IG Sindh apprised the Prime Minister of channels affecting police duties due to increasing ‘political pressure’ in rural areas.

In a brief statement issued by the Prime Minister’s Office, it was said that IG Sindh Dr. Syed Kaleem Imam met Prime Minister Imran Khan.

The statement said that ‘law and order situation in the province and other matters were discussed in the meeting’.

On the other hand, sources said that the meeting was much more than just a briefing on law and order in the province.

After weeks of debates, political tensions, disputes over statements and tough stances by provincial and federal authorities, the transfer of the current IG of Police appears to be resolved as only the name of the new officer remains to be agreed upon. Is.

However, tensions over the issue could flare up again at any time.

Sources said that the meeting took place in a very good atmosphere, the Prime Minister had invited IG Sindh to Islamabad for the meeting.

He said that during Prime Minister Imran Khan’s recent visit to Karachi, a detailed discussion could not be held with IG Sindh, so he had called Kaleem Imam to know the other side of the story on the said issue.

Sources said that IG Sindh briefed the Prime Minister about the security and law and order situation in the province and also shared details about Karachi.

He said that the IG informed the Prime Minister about the political pressure during policing in the province in general and in some districts in particular.

Sources said that he mentioned various incidents that took place over a period of more than a year due to which the police and politically influential people faced difficulties.

He said that the IG Sindh informed about the many complaints received regarding misuse of powers, corruption and corrupt activities related to some officers, but despite his recommendations, the jobs of these officers are maintained due to strong connections. .

In this regard, the sources further said that Syed Kaleem Imam said that the officers who perform their duties and take action against the interests of influential people, then they face action from the provincial government.

Sources related to the discussion on the issue of transfer of IG Sindh in the meeting with the Prime Minister said that there was a discussion on this topic.

Sources, however, said that the meeting focused more on issues that had emerged in the past few months that had led to conflict between Sindh’s political administration and the police hierarchy.

Sources said that the Prime Minister listened to IG Sindh and sought his suggestions to improve the police system.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister indicated that he would be transferred and appointed to an important position in the federal government soon.

Sources further said that Dr Syed Kaleem Imam will resume his services as IG Sindh from Thursday (January 30). It has happened and we may see some changes soon’.

It should be noted that Kaleem Imam had said on the recent dispute between him and the Sindh government that there was a big conspiracy against him.

“It is assumed that I have been transferred and the ceremony has been converted into a transfer ceremony,” he said.

However, he clarified and said that I am not being transferred so easily and whenever I go, I will go with my destiny and will not be transferred, but there will be a new revolution and I will go to new stages.

Sindh Chief Minister’s refusal to give more names for IG

Also, according to the sources, a telephonic conversation was held between Prime Minister Imran Khan and Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah yesterday, in which the decision regarding the change of IG Sindh in the federal cabinet was discussed.

Meanwhile, the Chief Minister of Sindh requested the Prime Minister that one of the names we have nominated for the IG of Sindh should be appointed to this post.

According to the sources, Chief Minister Sindh said that he will not give any more names for IG Sindh.

It seems that even the cabinet does not trust the Prime Minister, Saeed Ghani

Besides, Sindh Information Minister and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leader Saeed Ghani said while talking to IDEA representatives in Karachi that we will not give any more names for Inspector General (IG) Sindh.

Saeed Ghani said that 3 years ago, if the IG of Sindh had to be changed, the province would have been obliged to consult with the federation.

He said that the reasons for the change of IG Sindh were given that the cabinet decided and consent was also expressed to one of the 3 names.

Saeed Ghani said that after the agreement of the Prime Minister, 2 more names were sent, the Prime Minister was out of the country and was asked to resolve the matter by Monday.

The PPP leader said that the Prime Minister came to Karachi and met the Sindh Chief Minister in which the change of IG Sindh was also agreed upon and then the matter was placed before the Cabinet.

He said that in Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, no approval was taken from the cabinet for the change of IG, there the IG is changed in five minutes, there is a distinction being made in this regard.

Saeed Ghani said that now the cabinet has asked to talk to the governor of Sindh, the governor will not consult with the Sindh governor, this is not in the law.

The PPP leader said that the deadlock in this regard happened after December 28, while we will not give any more names for IG Sindh.

The matter of change of IG Sindh

It should be noted that the tension between the Federation and the Sindh government is continuing over the issue of IG Sindh Kaleem Imam and accusing the IG Sindh of violating the rules, the Sindh Cabinet on January 15, 2020 removed him from his post and transferred his services to the Federation. It was approved to be returned.

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah had sent a letter to the Prime Minister on Thursday evening in which he suggested the names of Ghulam Qadir Thebo, Mushtaq Ahmed Mehr and Dr. Kamran for the Sindh IG.

However, the federal government refused to immediately remove the IG Sindh on the request of the provincial government, saying that the request of the provincial government is under consideration, and Kaleem Imam will remain the IG Sindh until a decision is taken.

However, in the meeting held 2 days ago, Imran Khan gave a ‘positive signal’ on the request made by Sindh Chief Minister IG Kaleem Imam for change.

In this regard, there were reports that the Prime Minister had not only heard the ‘talk about the change in the Chief Minister’s Police Command’ but had also largely agreed with it, while the Governor of Sindh had also supported Murad Ali Shah’s talk.

However, a day later, the name of the proposed IG Mashaq Meher was withdrawn after the ministers expressed reservations in the federal cabinet meeting.

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