If my tension rises, I have a stroke, this is not a game


Papua Governor Lukas Enembe explained his health condition when he was greeted by the media crew on Saturday (10/01/2022). He explained that his health was deteriorating and that he could at any time stroke.

“If I’m emotional, I want to get angry, the tension increases. So I can’t stand it,” said Lukas, quoted by Antara. secondsSulselSaturday (1/10/2022).

“I said, if the tension rises, it’s me stroke“He continued.


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He underwent leaky heart surgery

Not only that, Lukas said he had a leaky heart that had to be operated on multiple times.

“The tension has risen, surgery. I had heart surgery, it leaked. Yesterday’s operation was still operational,” Lukas said.

Luke Enembe’s home is heavily guarded

Luke Enembe’s home is still closely guarded by supporters. The Papuan Governor’s Residence is located in Koya Tengah, Muara Tami District, Jayapura, Papua.

Entrance gate to the residence Luca Enembe also closely guarded. The gate was only opened about half a meter for the passage of media crews who wanted to visit Lukas Enembe.

The full news can be read here.

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