About Lesti Kejora’s domestic violence, Rizky Billar’s brother warns Warganet, not accepting parents are concerned

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Sister Bill Rizky, Yudie Revan open voice on the alleged case Domestic Violence (KDRT) what his sister would do to Lesti Kejora.

Instead of providing clarification, Yudie Revan Instead, warn netizens.

The warning was broadcast via her personal Instagram account, @ yudie.revan_84, on Saturday (01/10/2022).

He reminded the audience not to lead opinions that cloud the atmosphere.

In his video, he also asked for the best prayers for Billar and Lesti’s family.

“I just hope and pray for the best for both of us, without even guiding opinions that will harm both sides and you,” Yudie said.

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He asked netizens not to involve their parents in the case Domestic violence.

Yudie did not accept that her parents felt the impact of netizens’ blasphemy.

“For netizens, please, please don’t bring my parents here, okay? I beg you a lot,” he said.

He then voiced the threat that he would not hesitate to denounce netizens who were still carrying their parents.

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