Jean-Claude Marcourt is robbed in the center of Liège

It was a bad accident that happened on Friday evening to Jean-Claude Marcourt of Liège, president of the parliament of Wallonia and municipal councilor of Liège (head of the PS group) … Two people confiscated his briefcase containing various valuables .

To achieve this, they used deception … This happened while his driver was waiting for him, in his vehicle (BMW X5), Xavier Neujean square, in the center of Liège. At one point, two North African-looking individuals approached the vehicle. One advanced towards the driver and challenged him. The man then rolled down the window to answer her. Once the driver’s attention was distracted, a second individual took the opportunity to open the rear door of the vehicle where Jean-Claude Marcourt’s briefcase was located. The man grabbed her and the two companions then left the scene.

In particular, the briefcase contained a laptop, an iPad tablet, the house keys or the device to open the entrance gate.

Once the theft was discovered, the police were immediately alerted. As well as the magistrate on duty at the Liège public prosecutor’s office. Quite quickly, the briefcase in question could be geolocated using GPS chip technology.

This is how, as we learned from the prosecution, geolocation led the police to a district of Liege. The police first knocked on the door but no one came to open it when they heard rumors … The accusation specifies that the police then broke down the door to enter this accommodation. There were three men. They immediately fled. According to the magistrate, one of them jumped out the window to escape the police. Badly injured, he was taken to the hospital. At the time of writing these lines, his life was in danger.

The other two individuals were stopped. They remain illegally in Belgium. In the apartment, the police found some of the items that were in Jean-Claude Marcourt’s briefcase and other items that were likely stolen.

The prosecution forwarded the file to an investigating judge, requesting that these three people be placed under arrest warrant.

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